3 Creativity-Inducing Strains You’ll Find at a Dispensary in North Hollywood

Dispensary North Hollywood

Every dispensary in North Hollywood will have a packed menu of strains that serve different functions. Some are great at killing insomnia. Others are used to stimulate appetite, while a handful is known to provide a creativity boost for those who are in a rut. 

If you’re part of the latter, this article is written just for you. Here, we have three different strains that could help get those juices flowing. 

Jack Herer

If you know your pop culture history, you’re likely familiar with the name Jack Herer. He’s the late great cannabis activist who fought for the decriminalization of marijuana until his death. And as an homage, cultivators developed a strain just for him. The Jack Herer strain is a potent Sativa that will wake your spirits up. 

After a few puffs, you’ll feel a strong sense of light-headedness, but with a clear mind and ready to take on any creative task. 

Sour Diesel

For some people, it’s the pungent smell that makes Sour Diesel memorable. But for those who want to get out of a creative slump, this one provides that exact remedy. 

Not only is Sour Diesel a known provider of relief for pain, stress, and depression, but it’s also an energizing Sativa accompanied by a cerebral high. It also hits hard and fast, and you’ll feel its effects within just a few moments.  

Bubble Gum

Now, if you’re looking for a strain that will give you a boost of creativity while also putting a smile on your face, Bubble Gum will do that for you. Those who’ve experienced its kick also claim to have provided a much-needed cerebral boost and mental stimulation. 

The good news about this strain is that it contains 17% THC. That isn’t too high by today’s standards, making it suitable for beginners and veteran smokers alike.

Dispensary North Hollywood

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