A Guide to CBD Transdermal Patches From a Marijuana Dispensary In Sun Valley

Marijuana Dispensary Sun Valley

More often than not, a marijuana dispensary in Sun Valley will have CBD transdermal patches available on its shelves. Among all the recreational cannabis products, there are a select few like these patches that provide therapeutic relief for its users. Now, while many readers out there are aware of CBD transdermal patches, a lot of you out there are likely scratching their heads with no clue about what they are. But fret not, this article should fill you in on the necessary information.

What Exactly Are CBD Transdermal Patches?

The name itself should give away a little to answer this particular question. In a nutshell, transdermal patches are meant to treat superficial body pain like muscle aches and bruises. The idea here is that the cannabidiol will pass through the skin’s surface and penetrate the affected area to potentially provide relief. For those who aren’t fans of oral or smoked cannabis ingestion, this is usually a preferred method.

Marijuana Dispensary Sun Valley

How Do CBD Transdermal Patches Work?

As we mentioned in the previous section, transdermal CBD enters the bloodstream through the skin. We also mentioned how it is a much-preferred method, and for a good reason: it is much more fast-acting. See, when you ingest cannabis orally or sublingually, it will first pass through the digestive system. This is known as the first-pass effect, and it may take about half an hour to a full hour before you can feel something. CBD patches, on the other hand, will act within minutes upon application. Another reason why patches are preferred by many is that they can remain on the skin for a longer period. Unlike topical creams with effects that dissipate before you know it, patches provide a steady stream of relief and comfort that will last for hours.

Where Are CBD Patches Usually Applied?

In order for transdermal patches to work, they need to be applied directly onto the affected area. You’d want to place it at the part of the skin where there is the most contact with muscles and less with the bones. CBD patches are usually applied in places where the pain is difficult and vexing to manage, like the inner part of the wrists, the lower back, behind the neck, and the shoulder. Some people would also place it in the inner part of their tricep, behind the knee, or even in the inner part of the ankle.

What Other Benefits Do Transdermal Patches Have?

Apart from the benefits that we’ve previously mentioned, there are other upsides to using transdermal patches. Here are some of them: 

  • Discretion: With CBD patches, you can go incognito. Just place it under an article of clothing and you can keep it hidden in plain sight.
  • Dosing is a non-issue: With other cannabis products, you’ll need to be mindful of the doses you take. But with patches, you can simply leave them on for hours on end without worrying about their effectiveness.
  • Helps avoid stomach issues: Those with existing stomach problems will no longer have to deal with it when using transdermal patches because the CBD does not pass through the digestive system. And that’s a huge win.

High-Quality Transdermal Patches From a Marijuana Dispensary in Sun Valley

You can find high-quality transdermal CBD patches at our dispensary, Roots Los Angeles. We’re located along Sherman Way in the Sun Valley area but we have other branches across LA County. For more information, visit our website or call us at (818) 210-0095.