A Quick Guide to Buying CBD at a Medical Dispensary in Los Angeles

Medical dispensary Los Angeles

So you’ve decided to purchase some CBD from a medical dispensary in Los Angeles. But you’re a first-time buyer who has no idea of what to get and what products are available. Well, fret not, dear reader. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a short but informative enough buying guide for you to use as a reference. If you’re reading this, we’ll assume that you already know what CBD is and what it’s known for. You already know that it won’t get you high, and instead, potentially provide certain benefits for both physical and mental health. We’re here to tell you about what’s available out there and which ones to choose. Hopefully, this guide could help you come up with a more informed decision before making that purchase.

CBD Varieties

Before you make that purchase, you must first know about the different CBD varieties: isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. The main difference between these three is the amount of cannabinoids present.

Medical dispensary Los Angeles

CBD Isolates

CBD isolates are devoid of any other cannabinoid other than cannabidiol. This is for individuals who don’t want any potential intrusion from other compounds.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

With broad-spectrum CBD, other cannabinoids are present. Among them are Cannabichromene (CBC) and Cannabinol (CBN). Also present are certain aromatic compounds called terpenes, such as limonene and myrcene.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD products contain low amounts of THC. For it to pass off for medical uses, its THC content mustn’t go beyond 0.3 percent, a mandate from the US federal government. That small amount isn’t enough to get anyone high.

Now, you may be wondering about the presence of these other cannabinoids. This is where the “entourage effect” comes into play. In a nutshell, the combination of these compounds results in the perceived benefits that cannabis is known for.

CBD Products

These days, you’ll find many other products infused with CBD. But we’ll look at the four main types you’ll find at your go-to medical shop.


This is the most used CBD product. CBD oil usually comes in tincture form where users take a full dropper and place it under their tongue. Some would infuse the oil into their coffee or shakes.


CBD that comes in topical form is usually recommended for those dealing with bodily pain. The effect may kick in immediately, but it may take a few hours for some. Topical CBD usually comes in lotion, balm, oil, and cream form.


Those who love their vaporizer can also enjoy it with CBD. However, the potential respiratory risks that come with vaping should be considered here.

Get These CBD Products From a Reliable Medical Dispensary in Los Angeles

All of these products, along with other variations like CBD shots, sparkling water, and even dog chews, are part of the CBD Living catalog, which we carry here at Roots Los Angeles. We have several locations throughout LA, but we can deliver upon request. For more information, drop us a line at (818) 210-0095, or send us an email: rootsla818@gmail.com.