A Weed Dispensary In Los Angeles Shares Tips on How to Not Look High

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If you’re consuming high-quality cannabis from a weed dispensary in Los Angeles, expect to get stoned and unproductive. At the very least, you’ll show signs of herb consumption that could make others uncomfortable. That could raise alarm bells and put you in a difficult situation. 

But you can prevent this from happening by following these tips we’re sharing. So be sure to have this article bookmarked for future reference. 

Consume In Small Doses

This method is otherwise known as micro-dosing. You consume cannabis in smaller amounts to give you just the right buzz to help you get on with your day or to make the night more interesting. The microdose for THC is 5 mg, which is easier for edibles that come with a measurement. But if you’re smoking, limit it to a puff or two. 

Stay Relaxed

Laughing hysterically and acting unhinged will draw negative attention toward yourself. Instead, stay relaxed and keep yourself in the background. Keep your cool and if you’re the type of person that gets red, droopy eyes after smoking, wear a pair of sunglasses if the situation calls for it.  The bottom line, try to act as normal as you can. This can save you a lot of trouble, especially when around people who aren’t fans of the magic herb. 

Keep Yourself Busy

Another way to not look too high is by keeping busy. Do some chores, or engage in creative ventures like writing or playing an instrument. And depending on the strain you’ve taken, you can even do some workouts of your choice. 

Now what if your chosen strain has left you incapacitated? Minimize your movements. Keep yourself glued to the couch while listening to your favorite music or podcast. 

weed dispensary los angeles

A Weed Dispensary In Los Angeles That You Can Count On

Hopefully, these tips we’ve shared would be helpful for you to avoid sticky situations that could kill your buzz. And if you’re in need of cannabis products that are of reliable quality, visit us at Roots LA. We have a wide array of products, from edibles to smokables, accessories, and CBD. 

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