An Introduction to Kush Strains From Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

If you’ve visited any of Van Nuys’ weed dispensaries, you’ve likely come across many “kush” strains. And for many of you readers out there, you’ve likely wondered what the deal is with such variants bearing this classification to their name. 

Well, dear reader, wonder no more. Because in this short article, we’ll give you a brief history and background of what a kush strain is. This piece of information may or may not be valuable to your recreational cannabis experience, but it is, at the very least, a good conversation starter for your next smoke session. 

A Brief Origin Story

Kush derived its name from the Hindu Kush region, a mountain range that spans through Central and South Asia, just west of the Himalayas. These potent strains are native to this region of the world and have been bred through these genetics and environmental factors, which are usually harsh. Because of this, kush strains are known to withstand any weather condition and produce in large yields nonetheless.

But it wasn’t until the 1970s when Kush rose to popularity among recreational cannabis users. Upon its arrival on US soil, many hybrids of this strain came about, namely Hindu Kush, Purple Afghan Kush, and of course, the legendary OG Kush. 

It’s also worth noting that kush strains are primarily of the indica kind. That means they’re known to be more relaxing strains that could sedate you (albeit pleasantly) if you happen to take too much. 

The Physical Characteristics

One thing you’ll immediately notice in kush plants is their stockier, shorter frame. They also have a distinct dark green color in their colas (the part of the plant where the buds blossom), but some have shades of purple. 

Kush buds are usually on the chunkier, thicker side, with their surface sprinkled with trichomes. As for its pistils, you’ll likely see shades of orange or sometimes, a darker, rust-like hue. 

The Aroma and Flavor Profile

Aroma is one of the interesting factors of a kush strain. The smell is usually complex in nature, ranging from floral to earthy and piney. A few variants have a more peppery aroma, some even having a piney scent with a hint of gas. 

As for the flavor, anyone who enjoys an earthy and floral taste with hints of citrus and berry will definitely enjoy a good kush. 

The Perceived Effects

As we mentioned in a previous section, kush strains are more on the calming, sedating side given their indica roots. But in terms of potency, these variants have a THC percentage that hovers around the 20s. That said, they should never be taken lightly. 

And while they can leave you glued to the mattress, some kush users also love it for its known ability to provide a lighthearted and giggly smoking session. If these are the effects you’re looking for, you may want to take it in moderation.

Van Nuys Weed Dispensaries

The Best Line of Kush Strains From a Van Nuys Weed Dispensary

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