Best Dispensary in Sun Valley to Find a Great Deal

Best Dispensary in Sun Valley

When you shop at a dispensary, are you hunting for the best deal? Have you been looking for a dispensary in Sun Valley and the surrounding area that has the products you’re looking for? Here at Roots LA, you can find both. We offer a wide range of deals on our deep catalog of products. Below are just some of the deals you can find at, what we feel, is the best dispensary in Sun Valley. 

We encourage you to check back often because we’re always offering new deals as well. 

Start with a Bang on Your First Order 

We know that when it comes to the best dispensary in Sun Valley and really all throughout Southern California, you have some options in mind. That’s why, when you first come to us, we want to be able to offer you something special for doing so. To that end, we offer, if it’s your first time, 10% off for first time clients or 5% for veterans who served our country, seniors over 65, or those who are differently abled. We see it as the least we can do to thank those who have given us their commitment. 

A Deal With “Punch” 

“Punch Bar” chocolate edibles more than have earned their striking fist logo. To that end, while supplies last, if you buy two of these from us at our dispensary you can receive a third for just $1. 

You’ll note that we wrote “$1.” That isn’t a typo. We didn’t mean to write “$11” and simply forgot to press the “1” one more time. No, we typed $1. Now, you have to mention this at checkout or at the time of delivery, but you can get one more Punch for just a buck. 

Good Tide Edibles Special for Good Times 

Speaking of “deals where you can get something amazing for just $1 if you’ve bought two of something already”, we have a similar deal for Good Tide edibles. If you buy two of them, we’ll give you a third for just a dollar. The same rules apply as with the last deal. You have to mention it at checkout/delivery, etc., but you can get these incredible gummies and all of their flavor for less than a cup of coffee (much less than a cup of coffee, actually). 

Best Dispensary in Sun Valley

Best Dispensary in Sun Valley for Your Needs 

Those are just a couple of the deals that we offer currently at Roots LA. There are others, such as those for Khalifa Kush, Rove, Turn PodPak and Disposable, as well as other products. In addition to our “specials,” you’ll find that, from time to time, the prices are lowered on some of our products. Again, we don’t believe that, if you’re buying a cannabis product to feel better, you should be forced to do so at a price that’s going to make you feel worse. 

To see everything that we have to offer, we encourage you to check out our menu or stop on by.