Cannabis and Pets: Tips From a Weed Store in Los Angeles

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We’ve worked hard to be a trusted and respected weed store in Los Angeles, and we wouldn’t be here without our most loyal customers. And to show our appreciation, not only are we providing top-quality products, but we’re also here to provide some actionable tips that many of you could use. For this, we’ll be talking about using cannabis safely with pets around. 

THC is harmful to animals, whether they inhale secondhand smoke or accidentally ingest a small piece of a pot brownie. So here are some tips to avoid any troubles, while also co-existing safely with your furry friends. 

Have a Designated Smoking Spot

Ideally, this should be a place that your pets don’t frequent. It could be under a shade in your backyard or a separate room in the house. 

Having a designated smoking spot and adhering to its purpose will lessen the likelihood of you just sparking up anytime, anywhere. 

Keep Your Edibles Hidden From Plain Sight

Just like when you’re living with kids and seniors at home, it would be best to keep your edible stash away from plain view. Don’t leave them lying around the table or kitchen counter, where any of your pets could easily jump in and start munching. 

Most importantly, clean up any crumbs and small pieces from the floor. It will require some extra diligence, but it’ll save you the stress of having to rush your pet to the vet. 

Be Mindful of Your Growing Practices

Growing your own buds can be fun and convenient, but it can be a bit problematic if you have pets around. In this case, you’ll need to be extra mindful of your cultivating practices, particularly where you do it. 

Ideally, you’d want to do indoor growing, in a room that’s separated from where everyone else hangs out. But if outdoor cultivation is your preferred method, do it in a spot that’s far away from where your pet usually is. And if you can, train them to stay away from your growing spot, which should be devoid of any animals, anyway. 

cannabis and pets tips from a weed store in los angeles

A Weed Store in Los Angeles That Cares

We at Roots Los Angeles care about the well-being of our patrons, and yes, including their pets. If you’re a cannabis-loving pet owner, be sure to keep these tips in mind. 

And if you want nothing but high-quality products, visit any one of our branches, whether it’s the main one in Sun Valley or any other store in LA County. 

For more information, visit our website, or call us at (818) 210-0095.