Cannabis Cooking Tips From the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

Best dispensary in Los Angeles

Many of our most loyal patrons would go as far as calling Roots Los Angeles the best dispensary in Los Angeles. That opinion may vary, depending on who you ask, but we are proud to say that we never skimp on the quality of our products to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. 

Yes, we are all about providing top-quality buds, vapes, edibles, and accessories for herb-lovers in LA. But from time to time, we will have some useful tips for you readers out there. 

This one is about cooking witty your beloved magic herb. If you haven’t tried it and are planning to do so, soon, you ought to read this first before diving in. 

It All Comes Down to the Right Buds

When it comes to picking the right strain, consider three important factors: aroma, flavor, and hit. The first two will come out once you begin the cooking process, while the latter, of course, will manifest once you start eating. 

There will be strains that are fruity, while others are more on the sour and spicy side. Whichever you pick will depend on the flavor and aroma combo of your choice, and with this one, the possibilities are endless. 

You will, however, need to do a little research to get your desired effect. Familiarize yourself with two primary strain types: Indica and Sativa. Also, keep in mind that these effects will vary from person to person, so it’s best to go with a strain you’ve already experienced. 

Don’t Forget to Decarb

Ingesting raw weed won’t give you the same psychotropic trip as you would when you smoke it. That’s because, in order for the cannabinoids to take effect, the buds will need to go through a process called decarboxylation. 

In simpler terms, it’s the process that involves heating the flower to activate its cannabinoids. It usually occurs around the 245°F mark, which normally happens after 40 minutes of heating under 220°F. 

After you’ve decarboxylated your buds, now you can begin the cooking process. You can also make your very own cannabutter with it, which would be ideal for baked goods and certain savory dishes. 

Never Overheat Your Flowers

As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to place your flowers under high heat. Ideally, your limit should be at 340°F. 

Once you go beyond this limit, the THC and other important cannabinoids will begin to deteriorate. The end result would be edibles that are much less potent, and no one wants that. 

Like as you would with cooking, keep a watchful eye on your oven during the decarboxylation process. Don’t make that crucial mistake of leaving it here for too long. 

Ensure Proper Storage of Your Final Products

There are ways to properly store your final edible products. Baked goods like brownies and certain dishes with perishable ingredients, for example, are better off refrigerated. 

More importantly, label your edibles. You wouldn’t want your kids to be chowing down on your freshly-baked pot cookies. 

Best dispensary in Los Angeles

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