Flower Blooms in December: What’s Hot at Our Weed Store in Los Angeles

Weed Store in Los Angeles

Have you been hunting for flower but have yet to find something that really moves you? Are you tired of the same old same old in terms of flower? Here at our weed store in Los Angeles, we’ve got many different kinds of flower, each of which provides a varying kind of effect. So, if you’re going to a big holiday party, you want a great flower. Of course, if you’re doing the holidays smaller and more intimate this year, you want a great flower. We can help. 

“Relaxed, Happy, and Uplifted” 

Remember how you used to feel when you ate a really sugary cereal first thing in the morning? Whether that was 30 years ago or 30 minutes ago, you remember how great that felt, the rush. You can more or less recreate that with our “Crunch Berry Zazs” from The Marathon Cultivation. 

This hybrid strain, a combination of Skywalker OG and Pink Guava, leaves folks feeling, according to their testimonials, “calm, sedated, but mentally alert.” That’s a great way to go through a holiday party where you’re just getting to know folks or when you’re looking to just chill on the couch. 

Couchlock-ed for the Holidays 

We also have flower that can leave you feeling like the couch is the only place to be. Case in point: our “Garlic Shrimp Girl” flower. With an earthy yet floral aroma, this is the kind of flower that can place you on the couch and lock you there. 

The holidays, as wonderful as they can be, can also be a time of stress, too. As such, there’s nothing wrong with taking some time away from things and getting to know your couch better through a strain such as this one. 

Calm Down at Night 

“Red Eye,” of course, can have multiple meanings. It can mean the “red eyes” you could get when you potentially smoke something, yes, but it could also be a reference to a very late night flight, one where the passengers are often asleep for much of if not the entire duration. 

“Red Eye” flower from Seed Junky is a fine fit for both definitions. With this flower, you’ll be able to unwind entirely, taking a nice, long, night of recuperation as you get ready for the world tomorrow. Of course, the intense Cherry Soda flavor doesn’t hurt, either. 

Weed Store in Los Angeles

A Weed Store in Los Angeles With More Than Flower 

Sure, flower is a great way to experience weed but it’s far from the only way that we can help you to do so. Maybe you’re more into edibles, into pre-rolls, vapes, or something else – if so, then we’ve got it. 

Each of the products we offer, no matter what they are, have met our standards. Anything you see on our shelves, we have and would consume ourselves. Only if they pass that test do we pass it along to you. To see everything that we offer, head to our site or give us a call.