Fun Solo Activities to do when smoking recreational weed in Sun Valley

Recreational Weed Sun Valley

So you’ve bought your products for a recreational weed in Sun Valley. You’re on a solo trip and you’re now wondering if smoking would be as fun when you’re alone. 

While smoking with a group of people is, indeed, enjoyable, you can definitely make your solo session worth your while. And here are some of the ways you can do it. 

Do Something Creative

Some people would dust off their favorite instrument and start playing something once the high kicks in. Now, you may say you’re not musically inclined, but don’t worry. You can also do some free-flow writing or even test your drawing and painting skills. 

The best part here is that you don’t have to worry too much about “doing badly.” No one needs to see it anyway. 

Drown Yourself in Music

Cannabis tends to heighten one’s senses the moment it kicks in. Everything tastes better, feels better, and in this case, sounds better. 

So once you feel you’ve traveled to another state of mind, strap in those headphones and play your favorite song. Allow yourself to get lost in the sound as you let the world around you pass by. 

Take a Walk in Nature

If you haven’t literally stopped to smell the roses, now’s the perfect opportunity to do so. Nature trips are just much more interesting when under the influence of your favorite herb strain. You notice nuances and small details you’re likely overlooking on a regular basis. 

Maybe this time you get to marvel at how blue the sky is or how tree branches sway to the wind. The sound of birds chirping becomes more audible as you let a slow afternoon pass by while you sit in your favorite spot at the park. 

Go ahead and give this a try. Nature trips will never be the same again, in the best way possible. 

Recreational Weed Sun Valley

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