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Medical Dispensary Los Angeles

As weed becomes more normalized and socially accepted in legal California, more and more people have begun considering marijuana as a medicinal alternative. Whether it is for physical pain or help with sleeping, the marijuana plant can provide relief to your aches and pains in several different ways. Although many people assume smoking weed is the only way to seek its benefits, Roots medical dispensary Los Angeles has a wide selection of products that medicinally aid customers and that do not require smoking. These products include topical balms, creams, and tinctures. These products can ease your pains, put you to sleep, and/or get you high.

Although many people are still hesitant to consider marijuana as a medicinal alternative, research has shown that “marijuana appears to be a promising source of analgesic medication.” Marijuana can help ease deep tissue pain as well as surface-level pain, even for those who do not wish to get high from the plant.

Roots Dispensary carries all the products you need to ease the pains that are halting you from living your best life.

Guide to Roots Medical Dispensary Los Angeles

There are many ways to medicinally heal and benefit from marijuana. The THC cannabinoid found in the Marijuana plant specifically helps with soothing pain and also is responsible for the psychoactive effects you may feel from ingesting the plant. On the other hand, the non-psychoactive CBD cannabinoid helps reduce inflammation while also allowing people to feel focused and a sense of relief from anxiety. These cannabinoids are found in many different marijuana products besides flowers and can provide groundbreaking medicinal benefits to patients. Below are some recommended products to check out at Roots.

Medical Dispensary Los Angeles

Balms and Creams

One of the best ways to ease physical pain such as tendinitis, arthritis, or even a muscle injury is with topical forms of the marijuana plant. The brand, Mary’s Medicinals, has created a topical balm that is made to soothe these body pains. The Transdermal Compound has a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, thus it helps with both pain and inflammation. This product is unique in that it is transdermal, meaning it goes through the pores on your skin and relieves deeper tissue pain, as opposed to simply sitting on top of your skin. As a result, this product can make you feel slightly high. This can be a positive for many people who enjoy the psychoactive effects of weed, however, many people who do not want to feel high may not feel comfortable using this. For these customers, there is an alternative topical made by the brand Papa & Barkley. This brand offers a THC-rich balm (which has a 1:3 ratio of CBD: THC) and a CBD-rich balm (which has a 3:1 ratio of CBD: THC). These topical creams are not transdermal so they do not go through your pores and with this, do not make you high. The THC-rich balm will help more with surface-level pain while the CBD-rich will reduce inflammation. Overall, both these brands have created a trusted balm that specializes in soothing body pains.


Tinctures are small bottle-like containers of actual cannabis oil. These bottles typically have a cap with a dropper attached to it to measure and dispense the oil. This oil typically contains THC and/or CBD and is dropped under the tongue sublingually. Ingesting oil sublingually allows the oil “to dissolve and absorb into your blood through the tissue[s]” and provides you with the medicinal benefits of marijuana. One of the most popular tinctures for pain is the Mary’s Medicinal 1:1 (CBD: THC) tincture. Although most users choose this tincture because it can help reduce inflammation and ease pain, it can also help put users to sleep while also getting them a little high. This product is a great option for customers who wish to medicinally benefit from weed without irritating the lungs through smoking.

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There is no denying that marijuana has magical qualities to it. It can provide medicinal benefits to users in many forms that do not require smoking. These top-rated alternative products can improve your quality of life and can all be found and purchased at Roots Dispensary. Contact Roots Dispensary at (818) 210-0095 to learn more today.