How Did The Pandemic Affect Dispensaries In Los Angeles?

Dispensaries In Los Angeles

The global pandemic affected everyone in some kind of way. People, families, businesses, and different industries all took a hit. So, how was the cannabis industry affected by COVID-19? What was the impact? Here’s what you need to know about dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Business Was Starting To Boom

The global pandemic was incredibly unfortunate. However, the cannabis industry began to thrive more than it previously did. In the beginning, people were stocking up on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and, most important of all: weed. In one week, dispensaries saw an average increase in sales by 30%. These sales were from long-term customers, new customers, and delivery services.

Deliveries Straight To Your Door

Different brands and companies fought the pandemic through delivery services. Dispensaries in California and across the nation began implementing delivery services and curbside pickup. These new services increased sales for everyone involved.

Dispensaries In Los Angeles

A Rise In Edibles

Dues to the nature of the Corona Virus, more and more people were turning to edibles. Dispensaries saw an increase in edible sales and a decrease in vape sales. This change in purchasing habits is a significant development. It can change how the cannabis industry progresses in the future.

New Strategies Emerged

Besides delivery and curbside pickup services, dispensaries started to implement new strategies. All dispensaries had to follow new protocols and guidelines to keep their customers safe. Some dispensaries hosted virtual events and parties to create a sense of community and involvement. Others implemented elderly hours in the morning, so those at higher risk could get their medicine safely. All of these different companies had to flex their creativity to solve the unique problems before them.

What Does The Future Hold?

It’s hard to say where the cannabis industry is going, especially amongst the global pandemic. The cannabis industry has been unpredictable with its ups and downs. We know for sure that the cannabis industry is an ‘essential’ business and can bring in incredible amounts of revenue. The future might hold more e-commerce, delivery, and digital services. We may even see an increase in the number of dispensaries due to the nature of e-commerce businesses. Whatever the case may be, the future for the cannabis industry is always bright and optimistic!

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