How Tourists Can Buy Recreational Weed in Los Angeles

recreational weed in Los Angeles

While marijuana isn’t legal in all states, if you are old enough to purchase alcohol in California, you are also legally old enough to buy recreational weed in Los Angeles. However, your purchase doesn’t come without rules and regulations. In other words, it’s not a free-for-all, and you will need to comply with the guidelines as you make a legal marijuana purchase. 

Find a Reputable Seller of Recreational Weed in Los Angeles

There are generally two kinds of dispensaries – recreational and medical. If you visit a medical marijuana dispensary, you will need to have proof that the substance has been medically prescribed. If not, you will need to visit a recreational dispensary. In either case, be sure you find a reputable dispensary so that you can be sure you are getting a quality product.

You Need Cash and an I.D.

Most, if not all, dispensaries require you to pay in cash and you must have identification with you or you will be turned away. In fact, most dispensaries will check your ID at the door before you are admitted to the sales floor. Most credit card companies don’t want to be part of the marijuana purchasing process because it’s not legal on a federal level yet. Most dispensaries also refuse to accept a debit card, but they do offer an ATM so that you can access cash to make your purchase. 

Purchase Quotas

There are rules about the maximum amount of weed that you can buy in any given transaction, which is 28.5 grams. However, that’s a lot more than a tourist would need so make sure you consider getting it home. Limits for weed concentrates (edibles, etc.) are 8 grams at a given transaction. Leftover marijuana won’t be allowed through the airport so if you’re flying home, you will need to get rid of it somehow. In other words, don’t buy more than you can consume while you’re in Los Angeles. 

recreational weed in Los Angeles

Tips for Making a Marijuana Purchase

There are quite a few helpful tips that you can use when you visit a dispensary in Los Angeles. It makes sense to know a little bit about the product, but beyond that, your dispensary can help guide you to a decision. The best tips are as follows:

  • Ask a budtender if you don’t know exactly what you want – they are trained to help you decide.
  • Know the difference between THC and CBD.
  • Keep the container closed until you get home – open containers are not legal, just like alcohol
  • Do not share your purchase with any minors
  • Don’t use weed in public places or you could get a citation and fine
  • Don’t take your marijuana across state lines
  • Don’t smoke anywhere where it is prohibited

If you want to buy recreational weed in Los Angeles, we can help. If you are of legal age and want a high quality product from a reputable marijuana dispensary, contact Roots LA today and we will get you set with exactly what you want and need.