Know The Lingo! Slang Terms You’ll Hear At A Weed Store In Sun Valley – Part 2

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Nestled in the heart of Sun Valley lies a vibrant cannabis culture intertwined with a diverse community, establishing itself as a thriving hub for cannabis enthusiasts across a spectrum of backgrounds. Stepping into a local weed store in Sun Valley reveals a rich tapestry of slang terms. Conversations between budtenders and customers feature familiar jargon and intriguing new expressions. Delve into this immersive world where each term holds a story. Unravel the roots of cannabis lingo and start a discovery journey.

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Slang Terms From Your Weed Store In Sun Valley


Herb is a classic slang term for marijuana, evoking images of natural, plant based medicine. It’s a versatile term that can refer to cannabis in general or specific strains and varieties.


A stogie is a slang term for a cigar filled with marijuana, similar to a blunt but typically larger in size. It’s a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a longer, more leisurely smoking experience.


Chronic is a slang term that describes high-quality, potent marijuana, often linked with premium strains renowned for their exceptional flavor, aroma, and effects.


Nixon is a playful slang term for a joint that is poorly rolled or unevenly packed, named after the former U.S. President Richard Nixon. Like the man himself, a Nixon joint may be a bit crooked and prone to causing headaches.

Weed Store In Sun Valley


Dank is a slang term that describes exceptionally potent and aromatic marijuana, often used to enhance top shelf strains with strong, pungent aromas and flavors.


Catnip is a slang term for low quality or inferior marijuana. It frequently describes cannabis that lacks potency, flavor, or overall appeal.


In slang, “pot” commonly refers to marijuana and is frequently interchanged with “weed” or “bud”. It’s a simple and straightforward way to refer to cannabis in casual conversation.

Da Kine

In Hawaiian slang, “Da Kine” refers to everything, even marijuana. Sun Valley’s weed store embraces the term, adding aloha to chats. It’s playful and versatile, enhancing the ambiance.


Ace is a slang term for high quality marijuana, similar to chronic or dank. It frequently describes strains that are exceptionally potent, flavorful, and well cured.

Good Giggles

Good giggles is a slang term for marijuana that produces euphoric and laughter inducing effects. It often describes strains that enhance moods and induce fits of laughter.

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