Know the Risks of CBD From a Dispensary in North Hollywood

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Let’s face it: every CBD product you buy from a dispensary in North Hollywood comes with potential risks. Even with its strong therapeutic potential, cannabidiol isn’t a flawless product. But this isn’t to say that you should avoid taking CBD altogether. It’s more about knowing what these risks are and dealing with them in the best way possible. 

If you’re buying CBD from a North Hollywood dispensary, it’s best to keep these pieces of information in mind. 

It Can Affect Other Medications

According to studies, taking CBD with other medications may slow down its metabolizing process. That, in turn, urges the user to take more than they should, and that’s where CBD’s known adverse effects continue to pile up. 


A 2015 study was done on patients with seizures. According to the results, 13% of the 162 patients suffered from some form of fatigue after being administered CBD. It’s not known whether or not the fatigue they experienced was heavy and debilitating, but it was present as a form of after-effect. 


CBD is known as an effective sleep aid, thanks to many years of research and trials. But for some people, this particular trait has turned into an unpleasant drowsy episode, especially when taken during the day. 

How to Avoid These Adverse Effects

So how do you avoid the unwanted side effects of CBD? The best way would be to consult your doctor first before taking it. They would be able to provide you with proper dosing recommendations, enabling you to reap its benefits. 

And once you’ve gotten the doses, adhere to them. Start with the lowest dose, which is usually 5mg. You can then increase it gradually when you’ve gotten comfortable enough. 

dispensary in north hollywood

A Dispensary in North Hollywood For Your CBD Needs

Now that you are aware of the risks of CBD, you can now make a more informed purchase. And here at Roots LA, we guarantee products that are safe to consume. Each package also contains the necessary doses to give you a better idea of how to take them properly and reap the benefits. 

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