Los Angeles Dispensary Etiquette: Tips for a Smooth Experience

los angeles dispensary

Stepping foot into a Los Angeles dispensary is thrilling, but it’s crucial to remember rules and etiquette to ensure a smooth experience. With these tips in mind, you can ensure you have a fantastic experience and get the most bang for your buck.

Tip #1: Show up Prepared

A little bit of research and preparation goes a long way before heading to your local dispensary. Ensure you have your ID on hand and cash available, as most shops only accept cash payments. 

Looking into products you’re interested in and the dispensary is also beneficial. Doing so helps you ask better questions and avoid wasting time for you or the staff. 

Tip #2: Respect the Staff and Other Customers

Dispensary staff members are available to help you find products and answer any concerns. Treat them with respect and avoid being rude or pushy. Additionally, be mindful of other customers’ space and privacy. 

Tip #3: Follow the Rules

Many shops have specific rules and regulations, like not smoking on site or only allowing a certain number of guests in at a time. Be sure to follow any rules to avoid issues and ensure a smooth shopping experience. 

Tip #4: Don’t Touch the Products

As the saying goes, “Look with your eyes, not your hands.” It’s crucial to avoid touching any products on display unless you’ve been given permission. These rules are in place to prevent contamination and keep goods in pristine condition. 

Tip #5: Stay Safe and Responsible

Marijuana can be potent, so be safe and responsible. If you’re new to cannabis or a product, try a small dosage and ask for recommendations. Always adhere to local laws and regulations to avoid any unnecessary consequences. 

Tip #6: Don’t Forget Deals and Discounts!

Most LA weed stores provide deals to new and returning customers. It’s always worth it to do some research to find out about any discounts ahead of time. 

We have a deal for you whether you’re a recreational, medicinal, veteran, disabled, or senior customer! Here are some deals to expect the next time you visit Roots Los Angeles:

  • 20% off your first order on all products
  • 15% from 6 AM to 10 AM every day
  • 15% from 2 PM to 6 PM every day
  • 5% off for veterans, seniors, and disabled visitors

Tip #6: Leave a Review

Leaving a thoughtful review can help others in the community find reputable locations and products. It also improves the stores ranking in search queries and helps them refine their customer service experience. 

los angeles dispensary

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