Mollyz Sativa: Better Cannabis for a Better Day

mollyz sativa

Are you looking to boost your mood? Does it feel like anxiety holds you back from living how you want to live? With so many sativa options out there, it can be a challenge to find one that has everything you need. That’s just one of the reasons we created Mollyz Sativa. As dispensary owners ourselves, we know what good sativa is and what it isn’t. So, we created a sativa that was meant to live up to the highest standards: our own. 

Relieving Anxiety

Whether you grapple with stage fright or feel anxious about socializing, Sativa-dominant strains have been found to effectively alleviate these stressors, particularly when compared to an Indica strain. The high levels of THC in Sativa strains enhance the functioning of the endocannabinoid system’s receptors, which can help reduce anxiety in some individuals, enabling a state of relaxation and focus simultaneously.

Energizing Effects

Do you feel lethargic as the day goes on? Or, alternatively, is it hard for you to “get going” in the morning? One of the main reasons that people love sativa is the energy boost. Indeed, a distinct characteristic of Sativa strains is their energizing impact on users. 

This can be just what you’re looking for to transform their work attitude and to engage with life head-on. Many of the folks who have tried our sativa have told us that it helped them to work harder with greater focus, to communicate more effectively, and stay continually active when they wanted to. 

Mood Enhancement

Has it felt like you’ve been “down in the dumps” lately? Or, have you felt “down in the dump” for a longer period of time than just lately? One of the significant therapeutic benefits of the Sativa strains that our users mention is how they can elevate mood. 

In fact, sativa strains like our Mollyz have also been employed to combat anxiety and depression, providing an alternative to opioids. Regular users of Sativa-dominant strains often express experiencing decreased anxiety and depression levels. That can help in just about all aspects of life. 

Anyone can have a bad day, fall into a bad mood, have a rough go of things, and so forth. With sativa, you can feel better about things not tomorrow, not later on, but soon. That can make the rest of the day/night or whatever is ahead of you that much more manageable. 

Pain Relief

Whether you’ve had a tough shift at work with standing on your feet all day or your chronic pain is flaring up, sativa may be able to help you to feel a bit better. 

For many, sativa has proven to be an effective remedy for pain relief, providing significant pain reduction for hours on end. Our Sativa-dominant strains at Mollyz contain anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate inflammation and pain in certain instances. These strains have been extremely effective in helping through migraines and plenty of other conditions, too. 

Mollyz Sativa and Beyond 

Sativa strains are recognized not only for their recreational uses but also for their therapeutic and medicinal potential. We offer more than just sativa strains of Mollyz. In fact, we have plenty of Indica, too. Maybe you want some of the anxiety-lessening benefits of cannabis without the big energy boost (as the day is winding down). That’s just one of the scenarios where indica could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

That said, you don’t have to choose. Indeed, we’ve got plenty of Mollyz Hybrid, too. With these, you’ll be able to get the “best of both worlds,” so to speak. While many are indica or sativa dominant, giving you a bit of one with a lot of the other, there are plenty of balanced strains, too. With those, you can have a neutral effect to feel how you want. 

We’re quite proud of Mollyz, our in-house brand. That said, it’s just one of the brands that we offer. To see everything that we have at our dispensary, we invite you to check out our menu or to stop on by our dispensary. Of course, you don’t have to come to Roots to experience Mollyz – we deliver to the surrounding area, too.