Popular Brands at the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

When you step into a dispensary, you’ll see shelves lined with strains, concentrates, edibles, and different cannabis brands. Although a large selection provides a lot of variety, it makes it more difficult to find the best brands. So what are the most respected and popular brands at the best dispensary in Los Angeles? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Check Out PLUGplay

PLUGplay is a cannabis brand launched in 2017 that’s gaining popularity with its extensive catalog of cartridges. You can select from DNA carts crafted with the original terpene profile, offering the best of each strain. 

Or you can choose PLUGplay Exotics, which are infused with natural flavors for a new smoking experience. Finally, you can find PLUGplay Livest, which uses cannabis flowers harvested at peak times and flash-frozen to preserve their purity. 

Either way, you’re sure to find a suitable PLUGplay cartridge that suits your tastes, tolerance, and budget when you stop by in person. 

Try Camino Edibles

Check out Camino Edibles if you’re in search of a unique cannabis experience. These mood-enhancing gummies come in delicious fruit flavors that are specially designed for transporting an amazing edible experience.

Each package contains different terpene profiles that offer unique effects similar to Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. You might choose Camino Wild Cherry “Excite” Gummies to feel uplifted on a Saturday night. Or you might pick the Midnight Blueberry “Sleep” recipe to wind down after work. 

Ask one of our expert budtenders for their recommendation the next time you stop by Roots LA in person. 

Don’t Forget Pacific Stone!

Pacific Stone is one of the tried and true brands of the cannabis industry. They provide customers with farm-direct cannabis that’s consistent on all fronts. When you select Pacific Stone, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing premium cannabis at affordable rates. 

Get Discounts on Your Favorite Brands!

We offer a wide variety of daily deals and discounts besides just the ‘Deals’ tab on our online menu. We have a deal for you whether you’re a recreational, medicinal, veteran, disabled, or senior customer! Here are some deals to expect the next time you visit our weed shop:

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Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

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