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Cannabis has many values and components to it that do more than just get you high. The cannabis plant has been found to provide many medicinal values to users that can help alleviate pain and other symptoms. Although smoking the actual flower can be helpful, the cannabis industry has found a way to make the plant into a topical supplement that targets and relieves pain. These topicals typically come in the form of a balm or patch and contain THC and CBD. Roots are the best Sun Valley Dispensary to shop for these topicals given their wide selection and top-rated products. Read on to learn more about how topicals can benefit you.

Top-Rated Topicals

Although many brands offer these types of products nowadays, certain brands stand out due to their high-quality products and great reviews. These brands include Papa & Barkley and Mary’s Medicinals, both of which offer topical balms and patches. These specific brands and products can be found at Roots Dispensary. Read on to learn about these topical products.

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Topical Balm

The Papa & Barkley THC and CBD Releaf Balm have become one of the most popular topicals on the market due to their powerful and effective abilities. This brand offers many different balms all with different ratios of THC and CBD inside. THC typically helps alleviate pain while CBD helps more with inflammation. As a result, this combination of ingredients can help relieve symptoms of tendinitis, arthritis, and other muscle/joint pain and injuries. Although there are many different ratios, one of the most popular is the 1:3 ratio of CBD: THC. “This award-winning THC balm is full of natural beneficial plant matter to provide hours of deep acute pain relief.” With just a small amount applied to the painful areas, this balm works like magic in relieving excruciating aches and pains and can help you regain complete mobility. Visit Roots Dispensary to pick up your own Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm today!

Transdermal Patches

Patches are another great topically applied way to alleviate body aches and pains. One of the most popular brands for patches is Mary’s Medicinal. Mary’s Medicinal provides users with transdermal patches, meaning they go through the pores on your skin and target the deep tissue pain. The Mary’s patches should be applied to “a venous area of the skin for maximum wellness benefits lasting 8-12 hours.” These patches have a fast onset and provide extreme relief to painful muscles and joints throughout the body. Although this brand offers several different patches including THC, CBD, and CBN, one of the most popular is the THC: CBD 1:1 ratio option. Given THC relieves pain and CBD helps minimize inflammation, this balance of these cannabinoids is very effective in alleviating extreme pains. This patch, as well as many of the other Mary’s Medicinal Patches, can be found at Roots Dispensary in Sun Valley.

Visit the Best Sun Valley Dispensary for Topicals

Roots Dispensary Sun Valley has all the best topicals on the market that are made to relieve unwanted aches and pains. These topicals include balms and patches from top-rated brands such as Papa & Barkley and Mary’s Medicinal. Visit Roots to pick up the perfect topical to help you get through your day! Contact Roots Dispensary at (818)210-0095 to learn more today!