Roots Dispensary North Hollywood: Infused Pre-Rolls

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Smoking weed has become easier than ever with pre-rolled joints. Although it is always nice to smell and see the flower you are picking up, this usually means you have to wait until you get home to roll up or pack a bowl. Pre-rolls are already rolled joints that you can light up immediately after purchasing. This makes getting high more convenient than ever – especially if you are on the go and need a quick hit. From pre-rolled flower-filled joints to crazy strong infused pre-rolls, Roots has got it all making it the best dispensary North Hollywood has to offer. Although pre-rolls are a convenient way to get high, many smokers feel hesitant in purchasing them in fear that it is just shaken rolled up inside. With this being said, many heavy smokers are persistent in believing that pre-rolls are weak and do not get you as high as they would like to be. As a result, infused pre-rolls have become one of the most popular types of pre-rolls on the market. These joints have been infused with concentrated forms of cannabis such as kief, oil, and hash making them incredibly strong and flavorful.  Read on to learn about the most popular infused pre-rolls sold at Roots Dispensary.

The Best Infused Joints at Roots Dispensary North Hollywood

Many brands sell infused pre-rolls both as singles and as packs of multiple. Despite this, two brands seem to take the cake with both quality and flavor. These are the Jeeter pre-rolls and Lift Ticket pre-rolls. Read on to learn more about these specific brands.

Dispensary North Hollywood

Infused Jeeter Pre-Rolls

The Jeeter brand carries pre-rolls in both singles and packs of five. Although they do have non-infused options, their infused pre-rolls have made them notorious on the cannabis market. The Jeeter joints are rolled with “premium indoor flower infused with cannabis oil and coated in kief.” They are also flavored with delicious strains of oil to make them tasty and give off a sweet, fruity scent. The single joints come in either a 1 gram or 2 gram XL joint. Their packs of joints, known as the Baby Jeeters, come with 5 half-gram joints. Although a half-gram joint may seem small, the Baby Jeeters have become some of the most popular joints that they make. Given how much infusion has been added to these pre-rolls, the baby half-gram joint is a perfect size and strength for a quick ‘on-the-go smoke. These joints come in various flavors and strains from Fire OG, Maui Wowie, Blueberry Kush and so many more. Jeeter continues to introduce new strains and flavors to customers, allowing them to experience different highs with a new taste every time. Jeeter pre-rolls are too good to overlook and can be purchased at Roots Dispensary in Los Angeles.

Lift Ticket Pre-Rolls

The Lift Ticket pre-rolls are similar to the Jeeters in that they are infused and come as single joints as well as in packs of five. However, the Lift Tickets are infused with live resin as opposed to distillate THC oil. Live resin is a “form of cannabis concentrate produced using the fresh flower as opposed to dried and cured buds,” thus, it contains more than just THC cannabinoids. This oil has terpenes and natural aromas that provide different medicinal effects as well as tasty flavors. The Lift Tickets use different strains of flower and different strains of oil in their pre-rolls to make exotic crosses that are flavorful as well as potent. For example, they have a Cherry Fritter strain of pre-rolls that has been infused with a Papaya strain resin. Although these pre-rolls are a little more expensive than the Jeeters or any average pre-roll, they are known for their high quality. The oil and flour used in these pre-rolls have some of the highest quality on the market. Overall, the Lift Tickets are worth trying and will guarantee you a heavy and delicious smoke.

Final Notes

There is no denying that infused pre-rolls have taken over and become the most popular joints on the cannabis market. The Jesters and Lift Tickets both provide smokers with a tasty and intense high that will leave you wanting more. These infused joints are sold by the single and by the pack and can be found at Roots Dispensary Los Angeles.  Contact Roots Dispensary at (818)210-0095 to learn more today!