Roots Recreational Dispensary in Los Angeles Explains Edible Cannabis VS Smoking Weed

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A recreational dispensary in Los Angeles is the ideal place to go for both edible cannabis and weed that you can smoke. But there are some differences between the two that can help you decide which is right for your needs. Before you make the decision, you need to know the health effects of both. This guide is your go to source for understanding what you need to, so that you can determine whether you want edibles or buds to smoke.

Edibles vs Smoking?

The primary difference, as the name implies, is that edibles are eaten (often in the form of gummies or some other food product), rather than being smoked. That means the marijuana is processed in the stomach and liver, rather than going directly into your bloodstream, such as happens when you smoke weed. For that reason, edibles will produce a more pronounced effect and one that will last longer. 

When you eat a weed edible, the peak high won’t occur for approximately two hours. On the other hand, when you smoke cannabis, the high generally hits within 10 minutes. The high from an edible tends to last for up to three hours, while the high you experience from smoking weed subsides within an hour. 

Edibles deliver only 10 to 20 percent THC, while smoked cannabis delivers 50 to 60 percent THC. So, while edibles may feel stronger, they deliver less THC when used. 

Health Effects

Before you decide whether edibles or smoking cannabis is right for you, consider the health effects of each. Just like cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke can irritate the lungs, leading to a cough and increased risk of lung infections. This is also true of second hand weed smoke. 

While you won’t have to worry about lung irritation with edibles, they are more likely to result in a marijuana overdose. That’s because it can take a while for the effects to kick in and some people take more, thinking their dose was too low to provide the wanted benefits. Overdose symptoms include panic attacks, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, high blood pressure and uncontrolled shaking.

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Safety Tips

Whether you’re smoking marijuana or eating it, there are some tips you can follow to keep the experience safe. The best thing to do is to balance your use so that you get the most out of it without overdoing it and becoming dependent. 

When it comes to edibles, be sure you store them properly. They should be kept in a dark place that doesn’t experience extreme temperature fluctuations. Humidity and sun exposure can compromise your edibles, so keep that in mind when you choose a storage location. You should also store your smoking weed in a dry, dark place for the best quality.

Want to know more about what to expect at a recreational dispensary in Los Angeles? It’s time to pay us a visit here at Roots LA. Stop by or give us a call to get started on your ideal cannabis journey. We want to make it the healthiest and safest it can be for you.