Specials That Set Us Apart from Other Dispensaries in Sun Valley California

Dispensaries in Sun Valley California

When you look at dispensaries in Sun Valley California or the surrounding area, are you looking for the best deals? Do you want to be able to enjoy cannabis without having to take out a loan from the bank? Those are just a few of the reasons that we’re always looking for more ways to offer more discounts to our customers. These are just some of the different kinds of deals that we offer. 

Be Sure to Check “Store Details” on Our WeedMaps 

One tip we can give you: always check the “store details” link on our WeedMaps. There, you’ll find our daily deals for the course of a week. We’re always adding more deals there that are for each day. These deals could be practically anything, too. 

For example, they could include buying one tincture and getting another for a dollar. They could involve buying two edibles and getting another for a dollar, as well. Essentially, each of the deals is going to involve buying something from some product and getting something similar at a significantly discounted price. These change day by day so it’s always worth checking. 

First Time Deals 

That having been said, there are some discounts that never change no matter what here at Roots LA. Case in point, we always want to thank those who have come to us for the first time. We know that it’s always a risk, something of a gamble, to go to a new dispensary and we want to show our gratitude for you having done so. 

If you’re a first-time patient, you’ll get 10% off. If you’re a senior, differently-abled, or a veteran, you’ll get 5% off. It’s our way of thanking you for giving us a chance. 

Stiiizy Pre-Rolls 

Beyond what you’ve read above, there are certain details we offer on specific products, specific brands. Moreover, we don’t just do what some places do where they put a discount on the mediocre stuff they’re looking to get rid of. Rather, we offer discounts on the names you know, and the brands you trust. 

That includes Stiiizy. Still setting the standard for pre-rolls all these years later, you can currently find plenty of potent, popular flavors on sale (as of this writing) here at Roots LA. 

Dispensaries in Sun Valley California

Roots LA: A Class Apart from the Usual Dispensaries in Sun Valley California

You may have noticed that, in a few places in this blog, we used phrases like “as of this writing,” “at this time,” and so forth. That’s because many of these deals are subject to change (except where otherwise noted). That said, there’s always a new deal on something else to take their place. 

You can see all of the products as well as the deals we offer by heading to our site as one of the dispensaries in Sun Valley California. Or, you’re welcome to stop by here on the way to our dispensary. Here, our budtender staff can direct you to exactly what’s the best fit for you.