What You Need to Know About Infused Mouth Sprays at Los Angeles Dispensaries

Roots LA 06/13/22
Los Angeles Dispensaries

Most of us are familiar with the typical ways to enjoy cannabis. You’re probably aware of different strains, concentrates, and edible treats. But have you heard of infused oral sprays? Here’s what you need to know about this new, exciting, and unique product available at Los Angeles dispensaries. What Are Infused Oral Sprays? CBD and…

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Los Angeles Dispensary vs Street Weed: Which is Better?

Roots LA 06/04/22
Los Angeles Dispensary

The cannabis industry has come a long way. Once upon a time, weed was illegal, and you could only get it through specific channels. Nowadays, 37 states have legal weed, and 18 offer recreational cannabis. We would never and aren’t recommending that you purchase weed off the street or through illegal channels. But what’s the…

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