The Benefits Of Weed Delivery In Los Angeles

Weed Delivery Los Angeles

It’s Sunday night; you’re having a lazy day in and enjoying a movie. The only thing that could make this day off better is a nice pre-roll packed with India. You’re in luck; at Roots LA, we offer weed delivery in Los Angeles. That’s right, even on Sundays all the way till 9 PM. We all enjoy going into the dispensaries and having a conversation with a knowledgeable budtender. The budtenders suggest strains, get to know us, and give us advice on the best products. So, what are the benefits of having your weed come straight to you?

All The Good About Weed Delivery In Los Angeles

There’s a lot of benefits to consider when having your weed delivered straight to your door. Convenience, privacy, and accessibility are our top reasons you should start using our delivery services!


You guessed it, the most significant benefit of all is the convenience. Whether your schedule is jam-packed for the day, or you’re just having a lazy day in, having your bud delivered straight to you gets rid of unnecessary hassles and headaches. You can take your time deciding and choose what you know works best. Maybe the most significant benefit of all? No lines.

Weed Delivery Los Angeles


For us introverts out there, sometimes our privacy comes first. A lot of patients are using medical marijuana to combat social anxiety, and having your bud delivered straight to your door is a two in one combo. There’s no pressure to make a quick decision, social interactions, or overstimulation from all the products. Being able to order from the comfort of your own home and computer allows you to maintain your privacy and make decisions on your own time.


For patients who find it difficult to complete everyday tasks due to pain, arthritis, or another condition, deliveries services are their go-to. With these conditions making the drive can seem like a daunting task or be a complete non-starter. Having the option to have your medicine come right to you simplifies the whole task, day, and even month. No more will you have to make the long trek to the dispensary all to get your medication. If you or someone you know suffers from immobilization, delivery services are a must!

No More Driving Stoned

Although it’s hard to say for sure whether driving stoned is dangerous or not, we know one thing for sure: we don’t want anyone getting hurt! Having to kill your buzz dealing with red lights, stop signs, and other drivers is a major bummer. Not to mention, who wants to get up from a couch-lock? Having your bud come directly to you saves you and your car from any unnecessary damage!


If you don’t have a ride of your own, it can be complicated to get your medication. Coordinating schedules, throwing in money for gas, and even asking can add to the headache of getting your needs met. Not to mention, going without your medication can leave your symptoms going untreated, which can be extremely harmful in the long run—being able to have weed delivered to your door will give you a much-needed sense of independence. Having the power back in your hands reduces the stress and anxiety of when you’ll be able to get your medication.

No More Forgetting Your Medication

I know there’s been a time when you got halfway home and forgot to hit the dispensary on the way. After a long day of work, turning around can seem like a nightmare. Being able to get home, kick your shoes off, open up your laptop and have your edibles come straight to you eases the stress of everyday life. Not to mention, Roots LA is open for delivery all the way till 9 PM. Compared to traditional pharmacies, this is a game-changer.

What’re You Waiting For?

Well, with all these benefits, what’re you waiting for? Whether it’s a pre-roll, a cart, or an edible, having your medication delivered straight to you is a great option to have in your tool kit. One of our patients gave us five stars saying, “Fast service every time on top of the fact that the good quality speaks for itself really.”

Check out our delivery services here, or give us a call at (818) 210-0095 for all the information you need!