The Different Types Of Products In Los Angeles Dispensaries

Los Angeles Dispensaries

The marijuana industry has come a long way. From bud, concentrates, joints, edibles, and topicals, there are so many ways to enjoy cannabis! Each type has its own set of benefits, disadvantages, potency, flavor, and other factors. So, what are all the different types of products we carry in our Los Angeles Dispensaries? Read on for more information!

Types Of Products

There are so many types of cannabis products on the market. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, keeping up to date is a wise idea!


Ah, the classic! We’re all familiar with this form, whether you call it flower, bud, strains, marijuana, or weed. Most of us got started with little green nugs many years ago! Roots LA carries Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, and hybrid strains! We have some of the most popular varieties of OG, Gorilla Glue, and Dream strains. You can find our flower products in prerolls, shake, and grams.

Los Angeles Dispensaries


Want a step up from flower? Are you looking for something more potent? Roots LA has you covered! Concentrates are condensed versions of strains that are highly potent. These extracts can come in many different forms. We carry shatter, crumble, wax, rosin, hash, and other varieties. With brands like 710 Labs, STIIIZY, and King’s Garden, we’re sure you’ll find something you love!


Cartridges are another form of concentrate with the added benefit of being portable. We love cartridges and vape pens over at Roots LA! We carry popular brands such as FLAV and Napalm! We recommend going with a Sativa-dominant cartridge for a daily driver you can hit all day without crashing!


Edibles are a great way to switch up how you consume your cannabis. They taste great, pack a punch, and are long-lasting! Check out some 100mg Gummies or even a cannabis-infused Horchata beverage by FLAV! We carry brownies, cookies, gummies, you name it!

Different Accessories and Pieces

Although you can’t smoke these, you may need them to smoke! We also carry different accessories and pieces for all your cannabis consumption needs! Try picking up an official Roots La Joint Roller for when you’re feeling extra lazy. Or, purchase an Exceed Vaporizer for a new way to enjoy your concentrate!

Come Visit Our Los Angeles Dispensary!

Still undecided? It’s no wonder with so many options and varieties! Try and find products that match your tolerance, needs, and budget. Or, when in doubt, ask our staff of knowledgeable budtenders! At Roots La, our budtenders are here to ensure you get the perfect product that matches your needs, tolerance, and budget.

For more information, call us at (818) 210-0095 or come visit us in person at 11045 Sherman Way Sun Valley, CA 91352! We look forward to seeing you!