Unique Products From the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

You’ll find a wide variety of products in the cannabis industry. There are constantly new strains, edibles, and concentrates entering the market. But how can you weed out the mediocre from the very best? Roots LA has you covered. Here are some unique products for you to try from the best dispensary in Los Angeles.

New Cannabis Products to Try

There are always new cannabis innovations, regardless if you’re a newcomer looking to experience the full range of the cannabis industry or a veteran smoker searching for something unique. Here are some products and brands to keep in mind the next time you visit Roots LA.

Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Cannabis edibles have been around for quite some time. However, infused beverages are gaining traction in the marijuana market. In fact, nearly twice the amount of customers is purchasing cannabis beverages from 2020 to 2021. This is good news for the cannabis industry, as infused drinks will continue to improve.

You can find THC-infused mixers, like Kan-Ade Blueberry X Pomegranate at Roots LA. Or you can purchase vitamin-infused THC shots like Tonik Energy Watermelon. Regardless, cannabis-infused drinks should be on your shopping list the next time you visit Roots LA.

Cannabis Mouth Sprays

Infused mouth sprays are another relatively new addition to the cannabis industry. THC mouth sprays offer an even more discreet and portable way of consuming cannabis compared to vapes or cartridges. These products also have the benefit of being fast-acting and, in some cases, low dosage, allowing you to enjoy them more throughout the day.

You can find sprays intended for the daytime like Royal Mint by Breez. Or, if you’re a nighttime smoker, you can enjoy products like Click Dream 1:2 CBD Spray to help you unwind after a tough day.

Daily Discounts to Help Out

Let’s face it; cannabis can be expensive, especially when you’re testing out new products and brands. The costs can quickly add up with all the different products, taxes, and fees. We offer daily deals for all of our customers to offset these prices. Whether you’re recreational or medicinal, we have a deal for you.

  • First time customers: 20% off
  • For Veterans, Seniors 65 & Disabled Visitors: 5% off
  • Early Bird: 6am-10am EVERYDAY!: 15% off
  • Happy Hour: 2pm-6pm EVERYDAY!: 15% off

unique products from the best dispensary in los angeles

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