Weed Stores Near Me With Ready To Go Prerolls

Weed Stores Near Me

Have you ever heard someone say that smoking weed makes life more fun? Roots Dispensary is here to let you know this in fact is the truth. Smoking weed before an event like going out to dinner with your friends, or going to catch a movie, can make the experience so much more enjoyable and entertaining. Although it is always nice to have a full-on ‘smoke sesh’ with your friends, sometimes there isn’t enough time to roll up before your dinner reservations start. That’s why Roots Dispensary has a wide selection of pre-rolled joints that are ready to smoke right away. So next time you and your friends need a quick smoke before going out, stop by Roots to get your ready-to-go joints today! Pre-rolled joints have become the “second-fastest-growing product category as cannabis consumers shop for value products and enjoy the convenience of the prepackaged goods.” Pre-rolls are convenient because users no longer have to spend time rolling joints for themselves. Joints can come in packs of 2-14 or they can be sold as singles. They typically have anything from .5g to 2g’s of flower rolled inside of them allowing users to have individual smoke sessions, as well as group, smokes all with a single joint. Visit Roots Dispensary to pick up your pre-rolled joint(s) today!

How to Shop for Prerolls

Roots Dispensary has an overwhelming amount of pre-rolls, making choosing the right joint difficult for new shoppers. Besides the difference in strains and sizes, more factors make joints vary from one another. Although the typical pre-roll has ground-up flowers inside, cannabis companies have found a way to make your pre-roll stronger with the concentrated infusion. An infused pre-roll has been rolled with flowers and a concentrated form of cannabis such as live resin, kief, hash, etc. Roots Dispensary has an array of both infused and non-infused pre-rolls from all the top brands with great prices. Read on for recommendations on the best pre-rolls at Roots Dispensary.

Weed Stores Near Me

Non-infused Pre-roll Recommendations

When the eighth you had your eye on is just a bit over your weekly budget, there is often the option of trying the pre-rolled version. This allows users to still get a taste of what they want to smoke while still staying in their desired price range. Top shelf brands such as Alien Labs and Connected have exotic flowers ranging from $70-$85 for the eighth, however, they sell pre-rolls of their premium in-door flower for just $15-$20. Roots Dispensary carries an array of different strains from these top-shelf brands that are all ‘must-tries.’ Although it is always fun to try a fun, exotic pre-roll, sometimes we are just looking for a simple joint or two to get us through the day. With this being said, Pacific Stone offers pre-rolls in packs of 14 with 7 grams of flower inside at just $40. This brand has several different strains to choose from allowing users to still enjoy the fun of trying something new. This pack will last you longer than you thought a pre-roll pack could last, helping you smoke more affordably. Check out these Pre-rolls at Roots Dispensary to try something new to smoke.

Infused Pre-rolls

As infused pre-rolls have become more popular among cannabis smokers, several companies have come out with their own version of an infused joint. One of the most popular of these brands is Jeeter. According to users on WeedMaps, “all of the strains [from Jeeter] are packed with flavor and potency,” making them a customer favorite at Roots Dispensary. The Jeeter cannabis company is known for its unique pre-rolls that have been infused with distillate cannabis oil and are covered with kief on the outside. These pre-rolls have amazing flavors that make smoking a joint so much more enjoyable and tastier. Jeeter sells their pre-rolls as single gram joints, XL 2 gram joints, and as a pack of 5. The pack of joints, the Baby Jeeters, contains 5 half-gram infused pre-rolls totaling 2.5 grams of flower per container. These are some of the most popular of the Jeeter products as they provide consumers with a quick ‘on-the-go smoke that still gets users as high as they would like to be, due to the intense infusion. Check out all the different flavors of Jeeter pre-rolls at Roots Dispensary!

Final Thoughts

Pre-rolled joints can make your next event – or even just a rough day – so much better at such great prices. While abiding by the law and not smoking while driving, pre-rolls make smoking more convenient than ever for you and your friends before a night out. Next time you are on the go and want to pick up a quick pre-roll, stop by Roots Dispensary to check out all the infused and non-infused pre-rolls in stock. Contact Roots Dispensary at (818) 210-0095 to learn more today.