Weed Trends from the Best Dispensary in Sun Valley

Best Dispensary in Sun Valley

Whether you are an avid advocate of the cannabis lifestyle, or you are just getting to know some of the positive health experiences that come with THC and CBD, it can be tough to keep up with new products and trends. One reason for this is that the cannabis industry is experiencing a massive surge. Every day, new shops and delivery services seem to be popping up around southern California. Thanks to broad legalization and decriminalization measures, people all over the country are getting to enjoy cannabis, though, in many ways, the Los Angeles area is the epicenter. At Roots Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on being the best dispensary in Sun Valley, and one way in which we keep our customers happy is by keeping current on the latest trends. By keeping a finger on the pulse of an ever-growing industry, we can better serve our customers and provide them with the experiences they seek.

For many fans of cannabis, the experience was unchanged for many years. You would visit a shop, pick out the flower of your choice, and be on your way. While flower remains popular–and likely always will–the truth is that there are many new and innovative ways to enjoy THC and CBD products. For those who don’t smoke, there are many other ways to partake, and a quality dispensary such as ours will go out of its way to please those customers as well. In the boom times of cannabis culture, what can we expect to see from 2023? Read on to learn more.

The Best Dispensary in Sun Valley Will Continue to Expand its Offerings

As previously mentioned, flowers and buds have long ruled the roost in the cannabis space. What is interesting, though, is that the flower market share has actually started to decrease. While pre-rolls remain in the year-over-year growth category, they pale in comparison to other items. Beverages, tinctures, and edibles are seeing a whopping 3,000% increase in sales, year-over-year, in the United States and Canada. With this in mind, you can expect shops like ours to continue diversifying our product selection within this space.

While flowers may continue to drive the bus as the most traditional way to consume marijuana, beverages, and edibles, in particular, are beginning to show dominance in the marketplace. For this reason, we continually update our stock of edible cannabis THC and CBD products. This allows the consumer (you) to truly achieve the experience they seek. If smoking is not your bag, then vapes and tinctures may also be worth looking into. Concentrates are also growing in popularity among more advanced consumers.

Best Dispensary in Sun Valley

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