What CBD Oils Are Available in Weed Stores Near Me?

Weed Stores Near Me

“What CBD oils are available in weed stores near me?” For those who love their cannabidiol and/or are using it for medicinal purposes, you’ve likely asked yourself this question at least once. And unfortunately, there isn’t just one easy answer.

But don’t worry, because, in this article, we’ll introduce to you a reputable brand you can try for yourself. After reading this, you should be able to have at least a shortlist of products to buy.

Why Take CBD Oil?

Before diving into our main topic, it’s worth discussing the perceived benefits of CBD oil. If you haven’t done your in-depth research yet, here are some of them.

Weed Stores Near Me

Promotes better sleep

One thing you’ll hear from many CBD users is that it makes them sleepy. A full sublingual drop can put some people out like a light within the first half-hour, enjoy a night of deep sleep, and wake up refreshed the next morning.

CBD oil is known for its insomnia-killing effects, and there is some research to back it up. None other than the World Health Organization released a 2017 report, stating that cannabidiol has shown “promising evidence” in providing potential relief against anxiety and “other challenges that prevent us from a deep sleep.”

Pain and Inflammation reduction

Likewise, CBD has a reputation as a potential pain-reliever, and there is also research to back it up. According to a 2015 experiment done on lab mice, cannabidiol could reduce pain and inflammation signals. This applies to both topical CBD, like lotions and balms, as well as oils that are taken sublingually.

Brain health preservation

CBD works its magic by activating some receptors within the endocannabinoid system. It acts by regulating certain bodily functions to achieve overall balance, otherwise known as homeostasis.

That’s how its effects can transcend through the entire body, including the brain. Experts have recently discovered that CBD could potentially bear neuroprotective properties. According to this 2021 study, the cannabidiol may have antipsychotic and anti-anxiety properties. It also found that CBD could potentially improve brain function during both the resting state and when performing cognitive functions.

What CBD Oils Are Available?

Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter. Here are some of the products you can buy from our partner brand, The Root of It All. With its origins tracing back to traditional Ayurvedic medicine, you can be assured that you’ll be dealing with all-natural products.

The Root of It All has several CBD oil products to choose from. There is “Stop” for restful sleep, “Slow” for relaxation, “Settle” for a balanced stomach, and “Go” for focused energy. There’s also an after-workout oil “Recovery.

Are These Oils Available in Weed Stores Near Me?

If you live within the Palm Springs area, these oils are available through our dispensary at Roots Los Angeles. We have many other partner brands that offer top-shelf products for you to enjoy.

We serve 16 other cities within LA County, but if you’re not from the area, worry not. Just place your orders, and we’ll deliver your purchases right to your doorstep.

If you have any inquiries, you may call us at (818) 210-0095. Or email us at rootsla818@gmail.com.