What Health Conditions Might You Seek To Treat At A Marijuana Dispensary in Sun Valley

Marijuana Dispensary in Sun Valley

Many of the people who go to a marijuana dispensary in Sun Valley  are looking for weed for recreational purposes. But did you know that cannabis is also a viable treatment option for a wide range of health conditions? You will need to work with your doctor to create a plan for using marijuana and will need to have the appropriate documentation to buy it for such a reason. If you suffer from any of the following health problems, cannabis may be right for you. 

Conditions That Warrant a Visit to a Marijuana Dispensary in Sun Valley

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a symptom of many conditions, including cancer, arthritis, injuries, and joint diseases. Some research reports that using cannabis for these health problems reduced pain by up to 40 percent. Depending on the medications you already take, weed may be a helpful complement to your regimen. However, it can interact with some, so be sure you talk it over with your doctor before use. 


Suffering from insomnia can seriously interfere with other aspects of your life and produce additional health issues. Many people report feeling sleepier after using marijuana, so it could be what you need to help you get to sleep. On the other hand, weed wakes other users up and gives them energy, so you will need to choose a strain that helps you relax, rather than one that revs you up. 

Mental Health Concerns

There are many mental health conditions that seem to be on the rise around the world. That includes depression, anxiety PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. According to surveys, more than 90 percent of cannabis users reported an elevated mood after use. The research and studies on using marijuana to treat mental health disorders are still emerging, but they show promise as a way to manage some conditions. Work with your therapist to determine the appropriate dose. 

Multiple Sclerosis

Also known as MS, this disease causes muscle spasms and pain. Medical marijuana is somewhat common among MS sufferers and many of them report an alleviation of their pain and discomfort with consistent use. A trial medication in the United States for MS uses purified liquid THC and CBD extract. 


Cancer can cause pain for many patients. It might also lead to nausea and other unpleasant symptoms. Weed can improve appetite and quell an upset stomach, as well as treat pain, making it a viable solution for many people being treated for cancer. However, it’s not a cure and can’t be the only method of treatment. 

Marijuana Dispensary in Sun Valley

Other Conditions

Some patients with other health conditions report an improvement in symptoms with regular cannabis use. That includes Parkinson’s disease, migraines, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and ulcerative colitis. 

If you’d like to try adding cannabis to your treatment plan, talk to your doctor, then visit Roots LA, your go-to marijuana dispensary in Sun Valley. We’ll help you find the perfect strain and concentration for your needs. We have a full range of products for you to choose from, so come see us today.