What to Know About Sativa Recreational Weed in Los Angeles?

Recreational Weed in Los Angeles

There are so many different ways to consume cannabis. You can consume marijuana by smoking, eating, vaping, and more. But one thing you have to decide is the type of strain. Do you prefer Indica or Sativa strains? Here’s what you need to know about recreational weed in Los Angeles.

Recreational Weed in Los Angeles

Recreational weed has come a long way. The cannabis industry used to be a grassroots movement with its fair share of flaws and hiccups. Nowadays, you can find high-quality products that are incredibly potent on nearly every street corner. However, one thing remains the same: Do you prefer Sativa highs or couch-locking Indicas? Here’s what you need to know.

Recreational Weed in Los Angeles

What to Know About Sativas

Sativa strains aren’t what comes to mind when you picture a couch-locked stoner. Sativa dominant strains are excellent options for a more cerebral and creative experience. Sativa strains are typically higher in THC, resulting in a more heady high. Here are some benefits of these strains:

Daytime High: Sativa’s make a great daytime bud. We commonly associate weed with Indica strains. The classic couch-locking, munchie-inducing, nap-taking highs. Sativa’s, on the other hand, are more energizing. Sativa’s allow you to take on the day without getting too tired or taking breaks.

Potency: The higher THC content in Sativa strains makes them much more potent compared to others. THC is what gives you that “mind high” feeling. This higher potency can lead to more intense highs and enjoyment. Always be sure to only consume within your tolerance levels to avoid negative experiences.

Increased Creativity: The higher THC also creates a unique high. With Sativa’s, you’ll want to become the next Picasso instead of lying on the couch like its Indica brethren! Sativas are good for anti-anxiety, anti-depression, increased focus, and creativity.

Sativa Recommendations 

We have a few options for you to consider If these strains sound like your cup of tea. If you’re into disposable cartridges, look no further than a STIIIZY pod. Vapes are a great way to get high on the go. If you’re looking for flowers, try some Guava the next time you stop into Roots LA.

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