Your Guide to Cannabis Tinctures From a Reliable Dispensary in North Hollywood

Dispensary North Hollywood

Any cannabis dispensary in North Hollywood will likely carry a line of tinctures. That’s all thanks to legalization in many major parts of the world and society’s softer stance on marijuana use. Many entrepreneurial-minded individuals saw the business opportunity and cashed in, and right rightly so. As someone who’s from the outside looking on, your knowledge about recreational cannabis is likely limited to smoking joints, doing bong rips, vaping, and eating space cookies. You likely have very little information about marijuana tinctures and what they’re all about. If you happen to be curious or are planning to try one out, this article should provide the information you need.

What Exactly Are Cannabis Tinctures?

In a nutshell, cannabis tinctures are extracts made using an alcohol base. Back during the days of stricter marijuana prohibition, it was the primary form of cannabis medicine. But once the world started its movement towards legalization, tinctures have become more of a regular fixture among recreational users.

How Are Tinctures Made?

The process of making tinctures is straightforward but extensive. As we mentioned earlier, it mainly involves soaking the buds in alcohol. However, you can also use other parts of the plant like trims, kief, or hash, depending on your preference and supplies. That process of soaking cannabis in alcohol enables the extraction of the plant’s precious terpenes and cannabinoids. Once you remove all that plant matter, all you’re left with are cannabis compounds that are believed to contain the plant’s numerous potential benefits. Alcohol is an excellent preserving agent, so you can expect your buds to be fresh and potent for a lengthy period.

Dispensary North Hollywood

Do Cannabis Tinctures Have Benefits?

Short answer: yes, they do. For one, it’s not as harsh on the lungs and throat as smoking is. Second, its effects can be fast-acting. Most tinctures are applied sublingually (under the tongue), which means it’s immediately absorbed by the bloodstream. Within minutes, you’ll feel the effects you’re looking for. People who use cannabis tinctures for medical purposes (e.g. nausea relief or severe pain) rely on the sublingual application for faster-acting relief.

Third, cannabis tinctures have a longer shelf life. Buds, when left unattended for a long period of time, will eventually lose their potency, albeit gradually. If you’re not mindful of your storing methods, they can develop mold over time.

Tinctures, on the other hand, can last for years when stored properly. And especially if you’re sticking to your doses, these tinctures can, indeed, go on for longer.

Finally, tinctures are obviously more discreet compared to smoking or vaping. It won’t attract attention because there is no smoke or lingering odor. You can use it absolutely anywhere, whether you’re at the supermarket, in a theater, or in a crowded park.

A Reliable Dispensary in North Hollywood With Top-Quality Cannabis Tinctures

Here at Roots Los Angeles, we have high-grade cannabis tinctures available for purchase. These products are courtesy of one of our partner brands, Yummi Karma. We’re located along Sherman Way, but we have many other branches across LA County, all of which are open daily from 6 AM to 10 PM. But if you’re unavailable to drop by, we will deliver your products right to your doorstep. For inquiries, call us at (818) 210-0095 or email us at