2023’s Top Sativa Strains You’ll Find At a Cannabis Dispensary In Los Angeles

cannabis dispensary los angeles

If you’re reading this, you’re likely planning a visit to your favorite cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. If you’re a frequent customer, you already expect to find a variety of strains that may or may not suit your preference.  For this article, we’ll focus on sativas, which are, of course, known for their ability to spark creativity and turn a dull afternoon into something more interesting. And these three strains have been deemed the must-try variants by experts and connoisseurs alike. 

Durban Poison

Whenever there’s a list of the best sativas available, you can expect to see Durban Poison in it. “Energetic” and “uplifting” are the usual adjectives associated with this strain, which has a known THC percentage of 19%. After a few puffs, you’ll feel those mental cogs start to run, and those creative juices flow. 

Durban Poison has quite an interesting flavor profile, with hints of sage and pine. It also comes with a spicy and herbal taste to add to the already interesting overall experience.

White Choco Haze

If you’re a fan of cerebral highs, you can’t go wrong with White Choco Haze. What’s notable about this strain is its long-lasting high, which means you’ll be in a euphoric state mentally for a good few hours. If that’s something you don’t always get to experience, you can now have more of it thanks to this strain. 

In terms of flavor, White Choco Haze does live up to its name. It has hints of coffee taste along with a bit of honey. Reading this may not appeal to you, but give it a try. White Choco Haze isn’t known to disappoint. 

Green Crack

For your next visit to a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles, be sure to get yourself some green crack. This is the perfect energizing strain if you’re feeling down in the dumps and not wanting to do anything productive. And you’ll notice it within the first few tokes. 

Green Crack comes with a combination of fruity flavors like mango and citrus, with an overall tropical vibe. Who doesn’t want that?

cannabis dispensary los angeles

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