Munchie Snack Ideas From a Dispensary in North Hollywood

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It’s normal to feel hungry after smoking weed from a dispensary in North Hollywood. An increase in appetite is one of the many known effects of recreational cannabis use. You’ll notice yourself having the urge to consume copious amounts of food, which in stoner culture, is known as the munchies

We aren’t here to discuss the hows and whys behind a munchie attack. Instead, we’ll talk about a few snack ideas you can try. 

Finger Food

From time to time, it does feel good to be indulgent when the munchies attack. And if you’re not in the mood to whip up something elaborate, party finger food should do fine. 

We’re talking about a plate of nachos or a bowl of chicken wings, some great options you can buy from your favorite restaurants. 

From there, feel free to go nuts, as if it was Super Bowl weekend. It will be a decadent night, but it will be glorious.

‘Healthier’ Snacks

Now, of course, you can’t be eating too much junk in one go all the time. There will be moments when the healthier option should be taken. 

When we say healthier snacks, we mean the less caloric choices like popcorn, unsalted nuts like almonds and cashew, and even a trail mix that you’d likely bring along during a hike. 

But because they are “healthier,” it doesn’t give you the license to overindulge. Keep consumption at a reasonable level.


You’d be surprised at how certain fruits can hit the spot when you’re having the munchies. A bowl of frozen grapes will taste like candy. Bananas can be chopped up and sprinkled with some cacao nibs for an added flavor. 

Some fruits are even known to enhance one’s high. Mangoes, for example, contain myrcene, an active terpene that’s also found in cannabis. Myrcene is also known for its sedating properties, which is likely a contributor to a stronger high after eating a mango. 

dispensary in north hollywood

What to Expect When Visiting a Dispensary in North Hollywood

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