3 Recovery Strains You’ll Find in Dispensaries in Los Angeles, California

dispensaries in los angeles california

Any time you visit dispensaries in Los Angeles, California, you’ll find a full menu of strains, each one serving a specific purpose. Some are meant to provide relief for certain symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, and appetite issues. Others are used as mood boosters or to promote creativity. 

But for this article, we’ll focus on three strains that are usually used for recovery. If you work out often and deal with sore muscles and aches on a daily basis, feel free to try any of these. 

What Makes a Strain Ideal For Recovery?

While the end result will still vary from person to person, most have terpene myrcene present in their profile. And while indicas are commonly known for their relaxing and pain-relieving effects, some strains go against conventional knowledge.


This here is a classic example of a sativa with relaxing effects. But what makes Harlequin a list-topper here is the presence of CBD, a good 9% of it compared to the 5% THC. 

Not only is Harlequin known as an effective pain reliever, but the CBD that’s in it can also counteract the unpleasant effects that THC may bring for some people. 

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies made this list because it is kind of a double-edged sword in the best way possible. Upon the first few hits, you’ll feel a sense of euphoria as your stresses melt away slowly but surely. 

What follows is a wave of full-body relaxation, making it an ideal choice for a post-workout strain. This is a perfect choice after a high-adrenaline workout like intense cardio sessions or martial arts training. 

Great White Shark

Likewise, the Great White Shark is another sativa used to provide relief for chronic pain. It will also give you a full-body buzz while leaving you in an uplifted state. 

However, she does have quite a heavy-handed high. If you’re a beginner in the recreational cannabis game, you should proceed with caution here. 

dispensaries in los angeles california

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