Learn More About Cannabis and CBD Oil From the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

best dispensary in los angeles

If you’re purchasing products from the best dispensary in Los Angeles, you’ll likely find cannabis and CBD oils on its shelves. That will probably confuse some of you who think that these two are one and the same, which is understandable. 

However, there is a difference between CBD and cannabis oil, mainly that one is psychotropic while the other isn’t. And this short article will explain more. 

CBD Oil Isn’t Cannabis Oil

Many of you reading this probably get these two confused, and that’s alright. But here’s where the difference lies: cannabis oil will give off psychotropic, mind-altering effects while CBD oil won’t. The former will likely contain more than 0.3% THC, the minimum amount deemed by the FDA to be considered non-psychotropic.

And because CBD oil can’t get you high, it is legal in more territories around the world where it is recognized for its therapeutic potential. 

Why Use CBD and Cannabis Oil

Thanks to research over the years, experts have found plausible benefits for both substances. But in most cases, CBD oil is used by people who aren’t fond of the high that THC brings. Most of them are in it for the potential to find relief for certain health issues like insomnia, anxiety, and appetite issues. 

Cannabis oil, meanwhile, is used by people who want the best of both worlds. When taken moderately, THC’s effects can be of help as a mood-booster, appetite-inducer, and insomnia-killer. 

best dispensary in los angeles

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