3 Soothing Indicas You’ll Find at a Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

Every reputable cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles will have some of today’s most sought-after indica strains as part of its menu. These are meant for herb-loving folks who prefer those slow, long nights glued to the couch. They’re the ones who find joy in getting to a point of near sedation as they crawl into a state of psychotropic coma. If you love your indica, we’ve got a list of three strains that can help melt your stresses away. These are the perfect companions after a long, exhausting day at work. But be sure to cancel any plans you may have afterward because there’s a good chance that these bad boys will leave you incapacitated.

Papa’s OG

When you breed an indica-dominant hitter like the Skywalker OG with the exalted OG Kush, you get a pleasantly potent and incredibly relaxing Papa’s OG. Because of its tranquilizing effects alone, it’s become a favorite among those who deal with bad bouts with insomnia. Likewise, it’s a go-to remedy for body pain and stress.

Combine that with sweet and earthy aromas and a refreshing grape flavor, and you’ve your soon-to-be best-loved strain.

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

Forbidden Fruit

The name alone can likely draw some curiosity. Bred from the union of the intoxicating Cherry Pie and the aromatic Tangie is the hard-hitting Forbidden Fruit. Within the first few tokes, you’ll notice its sophisticated flavor profile through a mixture of passionfruit candy, mango, and pine.

And after a few minutes of inhaling some of that Forbidden Fruit, you’re bound to experience a deep relaxation wrap your entire body. It’s the kind of stony feeling you’d want linger for the next few hours as you watch the world around you slowly go by.

Forbidden Fruit is excellent for killing any dull pain you may be enduring. It’s also an effective stress buster to help you sleep like a hibernating bear on in the night.

Ice Cream Cake

If there’s one strain that lives up to its name in terms of flavor, it’s this one. A descendant of the tangy and euphoric Wedding Cake and the uplifting Gelato #33, you’ve got the delectable and bliss-inducing Ice Cream Cake.

Flavor-wise, you’ll get creamy hints of sugary vanilla in the first puff or two. What follows is a calming sensation that’s enough to make you feel that everything will be OK for the next few hours. If your ideal Friday night consists of passing out in front of the TV with Seinfeld re-runs in the background, this one is the strain for you.

Ice Cream Cake is a favorite among medical marijuana patients for its relaxing, anxiety-killing traits. And after you’ve experienced this yourself, it will be yours pretty soon, as well.

Get These Strains From a Trusted Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

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