A Beginner’s Guide to Concentrates From the Best Dispensary In Sun Valley

Best Dispensary in Sun Valley

As a regular customer of the best dispensary in Sun Valley, you’re considered a cannabis connoisseur. You’ve done buds, edibles, and cartridges, but the one thing you haven’t touched is concentrated.

You’ve heard a lot about them and what they bring to the table, and you’re willing to try. But as an old-school herb-lover, you just don’t know what to make of it and how to approach it.

If this speaks right through you, that’s because it is what this article is intended for. We’re here to give you a deeper dive on concentrates, what they’re all about, and what to expect. This piece should answer every question you may have.

What Exactly Are Concentrates?

The name itself is a giveaway. But for the uninformed, a concentrate is a product wherein all extra plant material and other impurities are taken off. The result is a purer, undiluted form of cannabis where only the cannabinoids and terpenes are present.

Concentrates come in different forms: vape cartridges, cannabutter, live resin, and hash. But the most popular among young people today is the dab. Here, even the plant material has been eradicated, making it much more potent with a harder kick.

Dabs usually come in the form of butane hash oil where butane is used as a solvent to take out the plant material. The final product looks like wax and is said to be five times stronger than buds.

Best Dispensary in Sun Valley

Why Do Many People Veer Away From Concentrates?

The last sentence of the previous section should answer it all, but this is nonetheless one of the most frequently asked questions. Just to put things in perspective, a bud’s THC percentage plays around 16-30%. But for concentrates, the numbers are at 60-90%. Talk about a massive jump.

Reason number two is convenience, or in this case, a lack thereof. With buds, consumption methods are more straightforward. You either roll a gram into a joint or take a pinch, pack it in a bowl, and light up.

Dabbing rigs, however, are much more complex. It entails an entire ritual before you can get the party started.

Is There a Safe Way to Consume Concentrates?

Definitely. Given the potency, it’ll be best for you to start in low doses. Feel out how it hits you, then take some more if you still can. Also, you’re better off starting with solventless extracts like butter and live resin because they are less potent.

It would also help to start with a strain you’ve used in the past. That familiarity will give you enough comfort to not tense up.

Are Concentrates Available in the Best Dispensary In Sun Valley?

If we’re referring to Roots Los Angeles, then yes, we have a variety of concentrates for you to choose from. Whether you prefer indicas, sativas, or a hybrid, we’ve got them all for you. All you’ll have to do is drop by our store along Sherman Way, or our other branches across LA County. But if for some reason you can’t visit us, just place your order and we’ll deliver your goodies to your front door.

For questions or inquiries, call us at (818) 210-0095 or email us at rootsla818@gmail.com.