3 Wake-and-Bake Strains From a Weed Dispensary in Sun Valley

Weed dispensary in Sun Valley

You can expect every weed dispensary in Sun Valley to carry the products that you need. In this case, you can purchase cannabis strains that are great to start your day with. 

Indeed, starting your day with a few tokes from your favorite bud can be interesting. Ideally, you’d want buds that would energize you and get you ready for the day ahead. And here are some good ones you can start with. 

Durban Poison

Wake-and-bakers love a pure Sativa, and Durban Poison is as good as it gets. Its sweet aroma alone is already inviting enough, but the experience you get out of it is superb, to say the least. 

Within the first few puffs, you’ll feel revitalized like you’ve just gotten an extra boost of energy. What follows is an uplifting sensation that can turn any dull day upbeat. 

Durban Poison also helps those creative juices flow, making it an excellent supplement for any workday.

Purple Haze

Bearing the same name as a famous Jimi Hendrix song, Purple Haze brings an instant rush of euphoria upon those initial hits. This classic Sativa also delivers an energizing sensation that would turn your lethargic morning (or afternoon) upside down. 

Likewise, Purple Haze is known to boost creativity when you need it the most. It can also lead you to a state of bliss that would linger for a while. That’s a pleasant experience anyone would want. 

Great White Shark

Don’t be intimidated by its name. Great White Shark may not sound very inviting, but you will instantly change your mind once you get to experience its effects. 

This is another Sativa you’d want to have in your stash box. Not only will it provide a rush of euphoria, but you’ll also feel a palpable but soothing body buzz to give that much-needed relaxation. As a bonus, it comes with a fruity aroma with a hint of menthol taste. 

Weed dispensary in Sun Valley

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