5 Grade A Strains from the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

Best dispensary in Los Angeles

The best dispensaries in Los Angeles offer a wide variety of strain options for loyal customers to choose from. But if you have no idea what each one brings to the table, you’ll be faced with a bad case of option paralysis. So instead of spending hours surfing the internet and overloading your brains with more data and information, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to narrow things down for you. Here is a list of not one, not two, but five top-shelf cannabis strains to try out. We will provide you with as much usable information to help you with your first or next purchase.

Gorilla Glue #4

If you’re familiar with the potent kick that the Gorilla Glue brings, you’ll be equally satisfied with Gorilla Glue #4 (a.k.a GG4).

Upon the first few hits off of this hybrid, you’ll feel enveloped with a weighty yet pleasant sense of relaxation and euphoria. But after a few more tokes as the night progresses, you will find yourself glued to your seat and have no desire to move an inch. At this point, you may want to cancel any other plans you still have.

But as your body and mind ascend into an altered state, your taste buds will be having a party. Thanks to its distinct earthy and pine flavor combo, you’ll be left licking your lips after each puff.

GG4 may leave your mouth a little dry, but that’s nothing a few sips of water can’t fix.

Best dispensary in Los Angeles

Banana Pudding

From the union of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and the hard-hitting Banana OG comes an energizing hybrid like the Banana Pudding.

What makes this a favorite among herb lovers is its ability to snap you out of a funk. Feeling down in the dumps? Take a few good hits and watch the world around you go by.

Pretty soon, you’ll start experiencing an enjoyable body high you wouldn’t want to dissipate. The fine folks who’ve had some Banana Pudding stand by its effectiveness against warding off depressive symptoms.

Let’s not forget the delectable flavors of this exquisite strain. Fruity, earthy flavors with a mix of spice? What’s not to love?

Just like the GG4, the cottonmouth that comes with smoking a few puffs of the Banana Pudding could be noticeable. But the sudden rush of euphoria can make you forget all about it.


What do you get when you breed a sedating indica like Black Domina with a bliss-inducing Sativa like the Jack Herer? You get the Black Jack, a calming yet non-Stoney Sativa-dominant strain that’s a fan-favorite among cannabis connoisseurs all around.

What makes it a beloved variant is the long-lasting relaxing sensation it brings without the incapacitating effects. It’s the top choice for those medical cannabis users who are in it for its stress-busting, anxiety-killing, and pain-relieving properties.

As for the flavor, Black Jack does not disappoint. It’s earthy, piney, and sweet, making it an overall delight.

Just be ready with your eye drops because this bad boy could leave you with dry eyes. But if you’re looking for the perfect daytime strain, you can count on this one to deliver.

Strawberry Cheesecake

It’s not usual for a potent indica to leave its users in a creative mood. But that’s where the Strawberry Cheesecake becomes an exception.

Upon those few precious hits, you’ll slowly but surely feel your stresses melt away. But if you feel like doing some writing or painting, Strawberry Cheesecake can also provide you with that much-needed energy boost to get you going.

It’s for these reasons why this is a favored strain for dealing with body pain and depression symptoms.

As you can take from the name itself, Strawberry Cheesecake offers a strawberry and cheese flavor combo. But in the middle of it are sweet undertones to add that layer of taste.


Last but certainly not least, we have the Banjo. Obviously not to be confused with Kermit the Frog’s preferred stringed instrument, but this one is likewise a treat to have around.

How so? Within the first few hits, you’ll get a noticeably uplifting mood to take over. But once that starts to fade, you’ll then be welcomed with a gratifying body high that’s just enough to draw those eyelids down a little bit.

Banjo’s flavor-aroma profile is quite interesting. Scent wise, it brings hints of tangerine zest freshly grated cheese. But it will leave a sweet, piney flavor in your mouth to cap off this unique yet satisfying experience.

Get These Strains from the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles

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