Why Roots Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles is the Place to Shop

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

Roots LA is a legal cannabis dispensary that specializes in making the simple task of picking up weed an entire experience for customers. With the help of their knowledgeable budtenders, customers are guaranteed to find what they need from the thousands of products the shop carries.   From flowers to edibles, to concentrates, Roots has every product you need – and didn’t know you needed – to help with sleep, deal with pain, or simply get high. Roots Dispensary also ensures its customers are paying fair prices. They offer first-time patients 20% off their order as well as 5% off for returning seniors and veterans. Roots also have a 2 pm-6 pm ‘Happy Hour’ with products at 15% off every day. As customers on Weedmaps report, Roots Dispensary has “Some of the best service and products, you can’t get a better deal than this.” Roots continue to gain customer satisfaction by providing a cannabis experience with great deals and quality products.

Shoppers Guide and Product Recommendations

Choosing the perfect product is often difficult to do alone. Although the budtenders at Roots are very knowledgeable and helpful, it is understandable that customers don’t always have the time or sometimes are in too much of a rush to get anything besides their ‘usual order’. With this being said, this article will offer some shoppers tips and product recommendations to help guide customers in the right direction when shopping at Roots.

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles


Edibles offer cannabis users an alternative to the typical way of ingesting weed – instead of smoking the flower, users can now eat it! Cannabis-infused edibles typically come in the form of a gummy or cookie and contain around 5-10mg of THC per piece and 100mg per package. According to Medical News Today, many people choose to use edibles because “they do not expose users to some of the potentially harmful effects of smoking” and do not irritate their lungs the way smoking does. There are many benefits to using edibles, however, many users also feel like they are losing out on the overall experience of cannabis to some degree. They can’t experiment as much with different strains and often don’t feel much of a difference between brands as edibles are typically infused with the only THC. This means many edibles lack terpenes and other medicinal parts that the cannabis flower offers, therefore not providing the same effects as smoking.

To improve the edible experience, Roots Dispensary introduces customers to a new edible brand: Lost Farm Edibles. Lost Farm Edibles are unique in that they are infused with live resin. Live resin is a form of cannabis oil that has been extracted directly from the flower itself. This form of concentrate is packed with terpenes and natural aromas making it medicinally valuable. As many other edibles are only infused with distillate THC, they lack these qualities that make the Lost Farm edibles unique and strain-specific. This means that the Lost Farm ‘Sky OG Cherry Chews,’ for example, have been infused with the concentrated oil of the Sky OG plant itself. These edibles and their effects are true to their name as they are true to their strain. Users are now able to experiment with strains and experience the many other medicinal values of cannabis through edibles.


Choosing out an eighth isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Some customers may not know where to start when it comes to looking for flowers, despite knowing that they like to smoke them.

For starters, customers shall decide whether they are looking for a Sativa, indica, or hybrid. Sativa flowers provide a euphoric and uplifting high while indicas are more relaxing and sleepy. In the middle is a hybrid which consists of a nice balance of the two. Then customers should decide if they want flowers that have been grown indoors or flowers that are sun-grown. The indoor-grown flower is typically considered higher quality as the indoor lights have been made to preserve the cannabis terpenes at an optimal level. Sungrown flower is oftentimes considered more ‘organic,’ attracting smokers with its natural essence. The rest of the deciding process is left up to the nose. Cannabis flowers have an array of different scents from piney, to earthy, to citrusy, that attract and affect people differently. Although your budtender will gladly guide you with this when shopping at the storefront, Roots understands that it is often difficult to get out of the house during these unprecedented times. Thus, Roots Dispensary has provided a place for customers to share their experience at the shop as well as their reviews on specific products through WeedMaps.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Roots Dispensary provides customers with an array of product choices, great deals, and valuable resources. With a little guidance on what to shop for, customers can discover what they need from the wide selection of quality products both online and at the Roots Dispensary storefront location. Contact Roots Dispensary at (818) 210-0095 to learn more today.