A Beginner’s Guide to Rolling Papers From a Cannabis Dispensary in Sun Valley

Cannabis Dispensary in Sun Valley

If you’re reading this, you’re planning to buy weed-smoking accessories from a cannabis dispensary in California. You’re particularly interested in getting yourself some rolling papers for your starter kit, but you found out that there is more information than you expected to find. 

Yes, nowadays, the type of rolling papers matters. And since they’re made of different materials, it’s worth knowing what each one brings to the table. 

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide a beginner’s guide to rolling papers. Hopefully, all the information you’ll find here will serve you well. 


First, let’s talk about paper size, which is classified into three main categories: singles, doubles, and king size.


If you visit a gas station or a convenience store, these are the standard rolling paper sizes you’ll find. Singles usually come in a pack of 50 and are about 1.4 x 2.7 inches in size. It’s a bit smaller than the usual cigarette paper size around 3 inches in width. 

Singles are the papers you’d want to use if you’re smoking with a small group of about three people. 


As the name suggests, this type of paper is double in size compared to singles. They are usually 3 x 3 inches in length and width, and in theory, they should be able to hold more weed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case, and people only ended up having to work with more paper. This is why doubles are the least bought papers. 

King Size

Now, if your intent is to roll a bigger, fatter joint, king-size papers are the way to go. These papers are usually 2 x 4 in size, but some brands even exceed these dimensions a little bit. 

King Size papers are great for rolling joints that would suit up to five people. They’re also great for practice joints since you have more space to work with while you try to have that perfect roll. 


Now, let’s talk about the different paper materials. Since recreational cannabis grew in popularity, a lot of other paper materials also began to sprout out. 

Wood pulp

If you’re an old-school smoker, you likely used wood pulp papers in the early days. The biggest downside of this material is that it produces harsher smoke which can be difficult for the lungs and airway. Some even contain toxic materials that should be avoided. 


Rice papers are the thinnest type of paper in existence. And because of that, it produces less harsh smoke because it burns slower. And while they might not grip well while you’re rolling, they’re easier on the lungs. 


Hemp rolling papers are mainly made of dried pulp from mashed-up Sativa leaves. Like rice papers, they are natural and organic and likewise, do not burn as fast. It does have a slight aftertaste, but nothing that’s too strong to affect the smoking experience. 

What Paper Type Should You Get?

Ultimately, the final choice would still be up to you. Feel free to try out each one to see what fits your preference best. But we’d recommend king-size rice or hemp papers for an easier and less harsh smoking experience. 

Cannabis Dispensary in Sun Valley

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