Here’s How You Prevent Sore Throat After Smoking Weed from a Dispensary in North Hollywood

Dispensary North Hollywood

Whether you smoke weed from a dispensary in North Hollywood or elsewhere, there will be times when you’ll endure a sore throat after. And when this happens, it’s never a good feeling. You’ll be going through episodes of discomfort and if your case is severe enough, difficulty while eating and swallowing. 

But the post-smoke sore throat isn’t an automatic occurrence because you can very much prevent it from happening at all. And here are some ways to do that. 

The Reason Behind the Post-Smoke Sore Throat

Smoking cannabis may be “less harmful” compared to tobacco, but the presence of smoke in your airway can still cause discomfort. That’s because the smoke tends to break through the cilia or the protective hairlike structures in our esophagus. Once this happens, the cilia are paralyzed and become unable to provide protection. The body then reacts by trying to expel it, resulting in coughing, irritation, and sore throat. 

Ways to Prevent Post-Smoking Sore Throat

As we mentioned in an earlier section, post-smoking sore throat is very much preventable. Here are some actionable ways to do this. 

Take smaller puffs

An ongoing myth among recreational cannabis smokers is that monster hits lead to stronger highs. But what you’re only doing is irritating your throat further, and ultimately, ruining your smoking experience. 

Instead, take smaller but more frequent hits. It is “puff, puff, pass” for a reason, and that is for you to doubly enjoy every toke. This also allows you to savor the bud’s flavors. 

Keep a glass of water handy

Smoking causes the throat to dry up much faster. And if you’ve gone through the dreaded and irritating cottonmouth, you know exactly how this one feels. And of course, a dry throat is an irritated throat that will be sore if you don’t do something about it. 

So do yourself a favor and keep a glass of water with you during your smoking sessions. Take occasional sips to keep yourself hydrated, especially in your mouth and throat. 

Only smoke top-quality weed

Before lighting up that bowl or rolling up a joint, give your buds a good look. If they’ve gone dry and brown, and smell moldy, throw them out. Not only will it give you a sore throat, but the mold can also cause respiratory issues. 

As for ensuring you only have a top-shelf product, make sure you’re getting it from a trusted source. 

Dispensary North Hollywood

A Trusted Dispensary in North Hollywood

Speaking of trusted sources, we at Roots LA pride ourselves on being a legitimate dispensary in this area of California. Apart from our main branch in Sun Valley, we have other stores spread across LA County. But if you can’t drop by, your orders will be delivered to you. 

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