The Differences Between Indicas and Sativas From a Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

Every cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles will have a line of different strains for you to choose from. And through the cycle of different names and variations, you’ll notice that they are divided into two main classifications: Indica and Sativa. 

For those who have the most basic knowledge about cannabis, you probably know the main difference between the two: Indicas (a.k.a “in the couch”) are known as a sedating strain that’s best used at night. Sativas, meanwhile, are perceived to have a more energizing, stimulating effect. And while these results will vary from person to person, these descriptions are accurate, for the most part. 

But in this article, we’ll delve a little deeper into the differences between these two strains. At the very least, this should enrich your knowledge about your beloved magic herb. 

Physical Attributes

If you grow your own buds, this section will allow you to nerd out a bit. One of the biggest distinctions between the two strains lies in the plant’s physical attributes. Indicas are often shorter and wider, with denser and danker buds. Their leaves also have a distinctly darker shade of green. 

Sativas, on the other hand, are longer and thinner and grow noticeably taller, whether you cultivate them indoors or outdoors. They instead have fluffier leaves that are lighter in color. 

Flowering Time

A cannabis plant’s flowering time is the period when it begins to produce buds. That, of course, is affected by several factors such as sunlight, watering, and soil nutrients, among other things. 

Flowering times between Indica and Sativa plants also differ, with the former being much shorter. Indicas take up to eight weeks to flower while sativas need at least ten weeks. 


Plant yields are the usual amount you’ll get after each harvest. They are measured in grams per square meter (or square feet) when grown indoors and in grams per plant when grown outdoors. 

Now, generally, indicas have larger yields, given their short, dense, and bushy structure and shorter flowering time. But in some cases, some Sativa-dominant strains tend to have bigger yields compared to their counterparts. 

 Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

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