A Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles Gives Tips on Measuring Weed Without a Scale

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

You can always count on a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles to provide top-shelf products for you to enjoy. Here, you’ll find buds that are fresh, and potent, and should give you your money’s worth. And in order to get the best experience and not waste any fine herb, you’d want precise consumption. 

But what if you don’t have a scale to provide an accurate measurement? Fret not, dear reader, there are ways to get that exact number, even without a trusty device. 

The Fruit Method

At this point, you’re probably scratching your head after what you’ve just read. To clarify, this method entails using certain fruits as a weight guide, a cheat code, if you may. 

A medium to large grape, for example, weighs roughly about a gram. A full coconut will give you a full ounce, while an entire watermelon comprises a full pound.
Again, these aren’t 100% accurate, but they are close enough to give you the results you need. 

The Coin Method

This one’s similar to the previous method, but as the name suggests, you’re using coins instead of fruits this time. Likewise, these aren’t fully precise, but just enough to provide close enough measurements. 

A penny, for one, weighs roughly two and a half grams. A dime will weigh a little under three grams, while a nickel will weigh five grams. You can multiply as needed. 

Your Smartphone App

Now, if you want a shortcut, your smartphone does have digital scale apps you can use. With this one, you get about a 99% accuracy rate, which is definitely much closer compared to the previous methods. 

A quick Google search will lead to a list of results. All you’ll have to do is pick which one works best for you.

Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

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