A Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles Shares Tips on How Not to Look Too High

Cannabis Dispensary In Los Angeles

As a trusted cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on being able to provide both top-shelf products and valuable information. In this case, we’re here for those who seem to have trouble concealing their high. 

Especially if you’re around conservative folks who hold the old, passé belief about cannabis, this can be a touchy situation to be in. But after reading this article, hopefully, you can deal with this situation much better. 

Tell-Tale Signs of Cannabis Intoxication

In case you haven’t come across a person who’s high as a kite on cannabis, here are some tell-tale signs to look for: 

  • It’s in the eyes: A high person’s eyes are usually left half-open. Think of how your drapes look when you leave them half-drawn. Some light comes in, but not entirely. 
  • Poor coordination: Ever felt like something as simple as tying your shoes was such a chore? That’s tell-tale sign number two. Your actions are also noticeably delayed. 
  • Uncontrollable hearty laughs: THC intoxication usually involves uncontrollable laughter. The corniest joke will have such a hard punchline, that you’ll end up balled up on the floor, in tears trying to breathe through all the ha-has. 

This is, indeed, harmless behavior, but for those who aren’t fans of everything marijuana does, this can be off-putting. But here are some of the ways to deal with it: 

Fix Up

Splash some water on your face. Change clothes. Take a shower, if necessary. Whatever it will take to make you look fresh and ready to go, do it. 

And when we say fix up, this includes the room you just smoked in. If you did it outdoors, that’s one less problem for you. Otherwise, take some time to deodorize the room and allow for all the smoke to dissipate. 

Hide Your Paraphernalia

If you’ve watched enough spy movies, you know that leaving a trail of breadcrumbs is the surefire way to get caught. Even criminals who aren’t the brightest tools in the shed know this. 

Immediately stash away your paraphernalia after smoking. That includes bits of ground weed that are usually neglected. 

Blend In

Do not attract too much attention. Remain in the background. How much you interact with others will depend on how high you are, but err on the side of caution and keep it to a minimum. 

If you’re way too baked, try to remain in the background. Do not speak until spoken to and do so only sparingly. 

Cannabis Dispensary In Los Angeles

Finding the Right Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles

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