Proper Weed Storing Advice From a Recreational Dispensary in Sun Valley

Recreational Dispensary Sun Valley

Any bud you buy from a recreational dispensary in Sun Valley will require proper storage. Not only will this keep your stash fresh, but you also make the most out of the plant’s overall potency. 

Proper storage is also key for coliving situations. Especially if there are kids or seniors involved, you wouldn’t want to stir up some avoidable trouble.

Having your stash in its rightful place should go without saying. But in case you need some pointers and reminders, this article can do that for you. 

Keep Edibles Out of Plain Sight

Rule number one of edible storage (especially in a coliving situation) is to keep it from plain view. To the uninformed, seeing a brownie will trigger cravings, without the moment to think whether or not it is spiked with high levels of THC. The same thing goes with gummies. 

Save yourself all the trouble and explanations by keeping your edibles hidden. But if you must keep them exposed, don’t forget the appropriate labels. 

Use Airtight Containers

You may think Tupperware is a good choice for storing weed, but you are mistaken. It’s still not as airtight, and that can cause your buds to dry out much faster than they should. 

Your best here would be mason jars. They lock in nice and tight, preventing any excess air from entering. 

It’s also important to keep your buds away from direct sunlight. All that UV can compromise its quality, big time. Instead, store that jar in a cool and dry place. 

Never Put Them In the Fridge

Or the freezer. Some people wrap their buds in tin foil and store them in the fridge or freezer, thinking it will lead to longer-term storage. 

Marijuana isn’t like meat in that it requires freezing temperatures to stay fresh. It can only cause the trichomes to break off easier, and you’ll end up with pretty much an unusable stash. That would be a sad state of affairs. 

Recreational Dispensary Sun Valley

Visit Your Nearest Recreational Dispensary in Sun Valley

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