Weed Harvesting Pro Tips From a Recreational Dispensary in Los Angeles

Recreational Dispensary Los Angeles

As a recognized recreational dispensary in Los Angeles, we see it as part of our duty to provide you with quality content whenever you visit this website. This article is for beginner to intermediate growers who have troubles, questions, or simply want information about one of the most important aspects of growing: harvesting.

A successful harvest is a perfectly-timed harvest. Not only do you maximize your yields, but you also get the most in terms of potency. That essentially puts you in control of the type of high your plant gives you, and that’s a nifty thing to have. 

The Consequences of An Ill-Timed Harvest

This is where you’ll see why harvest time is important. Whether you do it too early or too late, there are avoidable consequences. 

Harvesting too early

Harvesting too early, for one, yields much fewer buds than expected. That’s because a lot of them didn’t get the chance to properly thrive. Their growth is stunted and possibly halted. Another issue would be the underdevelopment of the plant’s trichomes, a.k.a the hairlike structures on the surface. With fewer trichomes, THC quality and content are also compromised. 

Harvesting too late

The main consequence of a late harvest is also the degradation of THC quality. In a nutshell, it will degrade into CBN, which elicits a milder effect. And while further studies are needed for a more definitive conclusion, anecdotal evidence suggests that it mainly gives off a more lethargic hit. 

Unless you prefer that kind of high, this likely won’t sit well with you. 

How to Know If It’s the Right Harvest Time

For this, you’ll need the help of a handheld microscope. Place the buds under it and take a good look at the trichomes. 

If they are still clear as day, they’re not ready at all. But once they become cloudy in color, that also means the plant is at peak resin capacity and ultimately, peak potency. If you want to harvest a Sativa, this would be the best indicator. 

Now, if you see a mix of cloudy and slightly darker trichomes, that’s a sign that the THC levels have begun to dip. But if you prefer your indicas for that body high, now’s the time to harvest. 

When the trichomes have taken on an amber hue, that means the THC levels are now at their lowest. It will still give you a soft, soothing body high, but it no longer packs as much of a punch. 

Recreational Dispensary Los Angeles

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