Make Homemade Hash With Ingredients From a Dispensary in North Hollywood

Dispensary North Hollywood

Every dispensary in North Hollywood should ideally be able to provide you with the ingredients you’ll need to make different forms of cannabis. It could be a homemade hash, space cakes, or concentrates – whatever it is you’re into, it would do your local shop a huge favor if they had these on their shelves as part of their menu items. 

Once you have what you need, you can start experimenting. And for this article, we will teach you how to make your homemade hash using ingredients from our dispensary. 

The Kief

This right here is the main ingredient of your hash, and it is very easy to make. In a nutshell, kief is an extracted form of the bud where the trichomes are separated. Trichomes are the hairlike structures on the surface of the buds that serve as the plant’s first line of defense against potential predators. 

To make kief, simply take a bunch of your favorite buds you’ve purchased from our store and run it onto a screen. You can also use the standard grinder, but make sure it has a filtration screen to allow for the collection of the extracted materials. 

How to Make Hash

In a nutshell, the hash is kief rolled up in a ball. Yes, the process is simple, but doing it as instructed can be a sticky and messy affair. So here is another method that’s more efficient that requires a hassle-free clean-up. 

This one’s called “The Shoe Method” (a.k.a Shoe Hash).

What you’ll need 

  • Up to five grams of kief
  • Parchment paper
  • Tape

What you’ll do

  • Take your kief and place it on a big enough piece of parchment paper. The idea here is to be able to wrap the plant material tightly. The tape is meant to hold the paper in place and prevent it from unfolding. 
  • With a pin or a pen tip, poke a small hole into the paper’s surface. This allows excess air to come out. 
  • Once the paper is tightly secured, place it on the heel area on the inside of your shoe. As you walk around for at least 15 minutes and the heat transfers, the hash will slowly but surely form into a firm slab. 

As you can see, it’s a very straightforward method that may be a bit unconventional but gets the job done. Go ahead and give it a try. 

Dispensary North Hollywood

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