A Dispensary in North Hollywood Teaches You to Make Cannabis Topicals

Dispensary North Hollywood

As a trusted dispensary in North Hollywood, we feel that it’s part of our duty to educate our consumers in whichever way we can. In this case, we’re giving you a clear guide on how to make cannabis topicals. 

In case you’re unaware, cannabis does come in topical form, mostly containing cannabidiol. Since it is applied on the skin, it won’t get you high. It can, however, potentially cure any aches, pains, or certain skin disorders you may be dealing with. 

For those who want to know how topicals are made, and may even want to try to do them, this article may have answers for you. 

Making Your Own Cannabis-Infused Ointment

Otherwise known as salves, cannabis ointments work well for skin malaises like psoriasis and rashes, as well as sore joints and even arthritis. Since you apply them to a specific area, they provide localized, fast-acting relief. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Up to 10 grams of dried cannabis buds of your choice
  • A cup and a half of coconut oil
  • A third of a cup of beeswax
  • A saucepan or double boiler
  • Cheesecloth
  • Baking sheet
  • A jar for storage

Before you begin your next steps, it’s important to decarboxylate your cannabis first. Basically, it’s the process of heating the dried buds in the oven to up to 250°F. Doing this activates those precious cannabinoids and enables them to elicit those perceived effects. 

Once you’re done with the decarboxylation, here’s the simple four-step process you’ll follow: 

  • Pour the oil into the pan and place it over low heat. 
  • Mix in the decarboxylated buds and stir this mixture for up to 25 minutes. 
  • Pour the mixture into the jar. Use the cheesecloth to filter out the bits of bud. Set that aside and let it cool. 
  • Using the same pan, pour in the beeswax and allow it to melt under low heat. Once that’s done, add that into the jar. Make sure these are thoroughly mixed.

If you want to add other essential oils like lavender or mint for that extra fragrance, you can feel free to do so. And as you can see, it is very simple and doable in your very own kitchen.

Dispensary North Hollywood

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As you can see, we at Roots LA have these treats for all of you to enjoy and try out. But of course, we do have cannabis products in our stores, from buds, vapes, edibles, and yes, even topicals. 

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